Mrinal Saikia said that The attack is a trailer, the real movie is still there

Mrinal Saikia, who was present at the Chakighat along with Chatiya MLA Padma Hazarika, said that some national organizations, fake intellectuals and people suspected of daring to attack Khilangiya in this manner. “The attack is a trailer, the real movie is still there,” he said. This is the reason why the people of Assam should be careful in doing any work, participating in any movement. The eviction in Kaziranga was prevented by a single leader If that leader had been under the open sky today, he would surely have prevented the eviction on behalf of the suspect citizen. The suspects were capture Darang, Marigaon and Nagaon. “Now their plan is to capture Shonitpur and the opposition is pushing them.”

“There are now two parties in Assam,” he said One is pro-Pakistan and the other is pro-Hindustan. In the assembly session, the pro-Pakistan Congress legislator argued for bringing the Rohingya to Assam. In fact, the opposition wants pro-Pakistan suspects to continue to run the mafia in Assam. They are happy as long as our Hindustanists are killed Instead of him, a leader like Padma Hazarika to take a tough stand against suspicious citizens then they started politics. He was criticized for carrying a gun with a government license.

Padma Hazarika, a young man from Lachit country. He took a flower garland instead of a gun in his hand? We are young people from Lachit country and that is why we go to different places with guns in our hands. Mrinal Shaikia, MLA, further said that wherever he saw empty land, the suspicious citizen would get a small hut. Someday they will organise Bihu, some day Gamocha will be on their shoulders now Someday, like Hiren Gohain, the intellectual will wear Gamocha from them and soon he will have a certificate that they are Assamese. ‘

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