National Guards have been deployed in Washington in view of the rally

Stringent security measures have been put in place in Washington in view of the rally of supporters of President Donald Trump on Wednesday. National Guards have been deployed throughout the city. Trump supporters have organized the rally at the time when the electoral college for the presidential election in Congress (US Parliament) will be counted. Democratic Party’s Joe Biden of the Democratic Party has a clear victory. But Trump and his supporters continue to challenge this election result. A rally is being organized here in this connection. According to some reports, Trump supporters may try to show their strength here even before Wednesday’s rally.

Police have pasted posters in the entire part of the city where the rally is to be held. Posters warn that it is illegal to carry any kind of weapon. Residents have been asked to inform the police immediately if they see someone walking with a dangerous weapon.

According to police, he has received information that many people are coming to Washington with weapons. Meanwhile, the police have arrested Enrique Terrio, the leader of the Trump-pro-right wing Proud Boys. He has been charged with causing damage to public property. The arrests have been made in a case involving a rally in Washington, which took place in an incident of sabotage and violence.

President Trump is constantly encouraging his supporters to come and participate in the rally. Last week, he said in a tweet that he himself would go to the rally. He described the rally day as ‘historic day’. Meanwhile, a Republican MP elected to the new House of Representatives has openly announced that she will come to the House with her handgun. But security personnel say that if Lauren Boebert, who was elected from the state of Colorado, did so, she would be subjected to the same action that would be taken against those carrying weapons at a Washington rally.

National Guards have been deployed  in Washington in view of the rally
National Guards have been deployed in Washington in view of the rally

Security officials have said that about three and a half National Guards of District Columbia will be deployed in security duty during the rally. 115 of them will be present on the roads. These guards will pay special attention to traffic control sites. Washington, District comes under Columbia. Due to not having a governor here, the National Guards here come under the Army Secretary. Defense officials have stated that troops will not be deployed during the rally. Neither will the army be engaged in air surveillance or intelligence duty. All these duties will be done by the personnel of the National Guard.

During the last rally, members of the Proud Boys vandalized the Black Lives Matter Plaza. This time, the place is being considered as pre-sealed. Police officials have said that no issue should be raised here, it will be ensured. According to the organizers, the people who came to the rally will travel towards Capitol Hill (Parliament site). Many well-known pro-Trump leaders are expected to attend.