Comet NEOWISE is moving very fast in the direction of the earth. The comet will be visible in Indian skies from July 14. It has another identity – C2020F3. According to astronomers, NEOWISE will be visible for 20 minutes every day from sunset of July 14. This bright comet can also be seen with the naked eye. Dr. Shuvendu Patnaik, Deputy Director, Orissa Planetarium , said, “NASA knows about this comet in March this year.

Its distance from the earth is 20 million kilometers. Astronaut Bob Behenken has posted a recent photo from the NASA station. This bright comet will be visible in the north-western direction of the sky after sunset on July 14. And for about 20 days after that, you can see slowly rising from the sky .

From the Northern Hemisphere, this comet will be visible in the northern sky for a long time. The NEOWISE will arrive on July 22-23 at the edge of the earth. Scientists said that but the comet could not do any damage to the Earth,

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