New MS vaccine acts as a corona virus vaccine

In order to reduce the risk of corona virus, the experts at the bioentech company that created the vaccine have developed another vaccine that claims to treat multi-sclerosis (MS) on mice. This new MS vaccine acts as a corona virus vaccine.

Like mRNA, a genetic fragment is inserted into the individual’s arm, which forces cells to make proteins, thereby increasing immunity. In the case of corona virus, this protein mimics the spreading spike of the virus. That is, the emphasis on the immune system to produce antibodies.

Even after a vaccine, if the person has a corona, the immune system constantly produces antibodies and fights the infection so that it cannot spread further. Whereas in the case of the MS vaccine, the mRNA technically inhibits the body’s own immune system from attacking neurons in the brain and spinal cord, preventing the ultimate loss of bodily function.

Clinical trials of this vaccine conducted on mice suggest that the injection improves the condition, does not spread the disease, and retracts some previously destroyed motor skills. Bioentech’s vaccine injection is 95 percent effective and is the first mRNA-based vaccine approved for human testing.

The vaccine was first administered to a UK patient on December 8 and is administered to thousands of people. mRNA is a genetic protein that is found naturally in the human body. This is used by human cells which carry out message taking and giving instructions.

New MS vaccine acts as a corona virus vaccine
New MS vaccine acts as a corona virus vaccine

The US pharma company Moderna has also created the corona virus vaccine based on mRNA. The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is not based on mRNA and instead uses technology that has been in place for decades and costs less to manufacture and can be easily transported.

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