New type of Corona virus has emerged in England causing worldwide anxiety

At the time when the world was feeling relieved by the news of the introduction of the Covid-19 vaccine, then a new type of Corona virus has emerged in England, causing worldwide anxiety. By the way, a new type of corona virus was also reported in South Africa in mid-November. That virus also changes its genetic form in the same way as seen in the virus encountered in England. Scientists are now also having to brainstorm how these new types of viruses are coming out, how to prevent their infection.

Although scientists are worried about the arrival of these types of corona virus, they are not surprised by it. Researchers have recorded thousands of such subtle changes in the corona virus worldwide. Scientists say changes in the genetic variant of the virus are a common occurrence. Some changed types become more popular and this is just a coincidence. If vaccination has taken place or human body has developed immunity, then such types of viruses will not be able to survive in the body for long.

Evolutionary biologist Jesse Bloom at the Seattle-based Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in the US told the New York Times that this is a real warning, one that we should be closely watching. There is no doubt that such genetic changes will spread. Scientists will definitely keep an eye on him. We will have to see what effect these viruses have.

New type of Corona virus has emerged in England causing worldwide anxiety
New type of Corona virus has emerged in England causing worldwide anxiety

According to the British government’s scientific advisor and infectious diseases expert Muj Sevik, there have been about 20 genetically altered forms of the corona virus in Britain. These variations are based on how they appear after human cells and how they affect cells. Officials of the UK government have said that the new virus has a 70 percent higher infection potential. But this information has not yet been confirmed in the laboratory.

Officials in South Africa have come to the conclusion that the new virus does not have much role in spreading the epidemic. But scientists say that the infectious potential of the new virus is yet to be ascertained.

Scientists say that the vaccines that have just been created will also be effective in preventing infection with a new type of virus. They say that it takes years for the virus to develop the ability to neutralize the vaccine. Bloom said- no one should be concerned that a genetic change will suddenly neutralize all types of immunities and antibodies. There is a process of this happening, which takes many years. This happens when several genetically altered forms of the virus are assembled. A change does not matter much.

According to scientists, like all other viruses, the size of the corona virus also varies. Their many genetic changes do not matter. But some changes do affect. Dr. Deepti Gurdasani, public health researcher at Queen Mary University, London, has said that during the last months it has become clear that there may be genetic changes in the Kovid-19 virus. Such mutated forms of this virus will become very common in the coming days.

But several recent scientific research papers have stated that the corona virus can develop in this form, making it difficult to identify single monocoelone antibodies. That’s why a person is given two antibodies or therapeutic serum. Scientists say that fortunate for humans, the immune system of its body is a powerful system to protect against viruses.

The vaccines of the Pfizer-BioNotech and Moderna companies have mechanisms to protect the corona virus from the proteins in the body. Under the influence of those vaccines, every person’s body produces large amounts of special and complex antibodies, which protect against that protein. The total understanding of scientists is that it is not easy to distinguish the body’s immune system with new types of corona virus.