New Zealand Corona

New Zealand has done a great job in defeating the Corona virus. No new cases of corona virus have been reported in New Zealand since 100 days. The country’s Ministry of Health has described it as a milestone. However, the Ministry of Health of the country has warned that there will be no decency on it.

He said that we have seen abroad how the virus can regenerate and spread to places where it was previously under control. We have to be prepared to deal with future infection cases in New Zealand. New Zealand has a population of five million.

There are still 23 active cases in the country, but only when corona infection is detected, the border is stopped and managed isolation facilities are being provided. Ashley Bloomfield, director general of the Department of Health, said that completing 100 days without a corona infection is like achieving a milestone.

New Zealand’s efforts to combat the Corona virus were praised worldwide. New Zealand had closed its border since 19 March so that more Corona cases could not enter the country. New Zealand’s efforts were also praised by the World Health Organization.

The first case in New Zealand came in February and a total of 1,219 corona-infected cases occurred in New Zealand on May 1, and 100 days later no corona has been reported. Now in New Zealand, the life before Corona is being lived without social distancing.

Apart from this, sports and cultural events are allowed to be done in New Zealand. However, the country’s border is still strictly adhered to and all the travelers coming from abroad have to undergo a 14-day quarantine. However, the government feels that a second wave of Corona may come in the country. That is why people are asked to carry the necessary emergency kit along with the mask.

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