Now Prime Minister Boris Johnson's popularity in his country upside down

Just a year ago, when Prime Minister Boris Johnson returned to Britain with a tremendous mandate, it seemed that he would be the hero of the year 2020. He had got such a large majority in Parliament, that no other Prime Minister had any luck in recent decades. Many commentators had then hoped that Johnson would change the fate of the British nation. Johnson received this mandate on his promise to make Breggit (Britain’s separation from the European Union) immediately possible. But after a year now Now Johnson’s popularity in his country is upside down.

The pro-Breguit community then celebrated Johnson’s victory. Now they are complaining that they have been betrayed. The Breguit agreement seems as far away as it was a year ago. On Friday, Johnson took a personal initiative after not being successful in the Bregit negotiations. He spoke directly to Ursula von der Leien, chair of the European Commission. But no solution was found. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron are said to have refused to accept the terms Johnson wants to be included in the agreement.

This humiliating situation has arisen for Johnson in the course of this dialogue. According to TV channel Euro News, when negotiating with Der Lien did not succeed, Johnson tried to negotiate directly with Merkel and Macron. But the two leaders refused to take his phone. They were given the same message from both sides that the negotiations should be within the purview of the European Commission. Johnson’s attempt to find a solution by going out of the European Commission has been severely criticized by Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Root. On the other hand, De Lièn has given its assessment to 27 member countries of the European Union that the possibility of getting a compromise agreement is very low.

Now Prime Minister Boris Johnson's popularity in his country upside down
Now Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s popularity in his country upside down

Johnson continues to be criticized in his home country for his failure to deal with Breguit, as well as the Kovid-19 epidemic. Many leaders of his own Conservative Party have repeatedly criticized Johnson’s decisions to introduce lockdowns and bailout packages to companies from government funds. The British and international media are full of reports of a growing trust gap between Johnson and his party. American TV channel CNN has quoted some Conservative leaders as saying that differences in the party arose from Johnson’s decision to make Dominic Cummings his advisor. Cummings resigned from his post last month. But Conservative leaders say they have caused much damage to Johnson, his government and the party.

Cummings himself violated the rules of social distancing during the first lockdown. Then there was a demand to remove him from inside the party. But Johnson stood by him. This led to accusations that Johnson was surrounded by a quartet and disrespecting the party’s sentiments. Tim Bell, a professor of political science at the University of London, told CNN – “Conservative party MPs are filled with the feeling that they are of no importance.” All the decisions are being taken by a group of people in Downing Street (Prime Minister’s Office). MPs are expected to remain silent and support what the government does. ‘

Johnson first made fun of it when the Corona epidemic struck. He then made a controversial statement that it would be treated by herd immunity. Then he said very insensitively that before the development of this immunity, eight lakh people can be killed. A few days later Johnson himself became corona infected and his condition became critical. When he recovered and came out of the hospital, he adopted a policy of strict restrictions.

This led to his popularity in the public, while serious questions began to arise within the Conservative Party. His failure to make Breguit possible and his controversial approach in dealing with the Corona epidemic played a significant role in tarnishing his image. Now that 2020 is nearing its end, there are speculations in the British media that Johnson may face a rebellion in the Conservative Party next year.