Olympic Games once again pose a threat to Boycott for political reasons

Four decades later, the Olympic Games once again pose a threat to Boycott for political reasons. The last time the Olympic Games were boycotted for political reasons, it was the era of the Cold War. Experts say that now the signs are indicating the beginning of a new Cold War.

The Western countries should boycott the Winter Olympic Games to be held in China next year, a campaign that had been going on for some time. Now, after the United States has given clear indications about this, the possibility of Boycott has started to be taken seriously. China has reacted strongly to Boycott’s threat. He has said that if the ‘politicization of the game’ is done, he will give a strong answer to it. A spokesman for China’s Foreign Ministry said – “The politicization of the game will hurt the spirit of the Olympic Charter.” Also it will hurt the interests of players of all countries. The international community, including the American Olympic Committee, will not tolerate it. ‘

Earlier, US State Department spokesman Ned Price said that “the boycott of the next Winter Olympics is an option that we must consider with our partners and partners.” Later, the US State Department clarified this tried. In a statement, the Ministry of External Affairs has not yet considered it. Some American lawmakers have made such demands. A member of the House of Representatives has also moved a motion in this regard in the House.

Olympic Games once again pose a threat to Boycott for political reasons
Olympic Games once again pose a threat to Boycott for political reasons

On the other hand, the demand for boycott of the Games in China in Canada is gaining momentum. Canada has previously hosted the Winter Olympic Games. There anti-Chinese organizations have demanded the Canadian government to start preparing to host the next Games, so that even if the host is snatched from Beijing, these games can still be held on their own time. In a survey conducted in Canada, more than half of the people expressed the opinion that if these games happen in China, Canada should boycott it.

It is to be noted that the next Winter (Winter) Olympic Games are to be held in Beijing from February 4, 2022. The Summer Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo, Japan, in July this year. The Tokyo Olympics was scheduled to take place last year, but was postponed by a year due to the Corona epidemic.

China is preparing vigorously to host the Winter Olympics. The Olympic Games took place in Beijing in 2008. Therefore, a strong structure for such an event already exists in this city. If next year’s event takes place, Beijing will become the first city in the world to host the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. But the boycott of this event is now intensifying in the midst of the atmosphere created by China over the alleged human rights abuses in Xinjiang province.

The last time the Olympic Games were boycotted was in 1984. Then the Soviet Union boycotted the Olympic Games in the American city of Los Angeles, to take revenge four years ago. The Soviet Union was a major sporting power then. In 1980, the United States and its partner countries boycotted the Olympic Games in Moscow in protest against the sending of the Soviet Army to Afghanistan.

Now the atmosphere is being indicated that if Western countries disintegrate the color of Beijing Winter Olympic Games, then China can take its revenge by boycotting such events in Western countries. Significantly, today China is a superpower in the world of sports. Analysts say that if political differences reach the playing field in this way, it will mean the beginning of a new cold war in the world.

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