Olympic Games were being considered to be canceled

Although the Government of Japan and the Olympic Games Organizing Committee – Tokyo 2020 – are firm on their intention to hold the Olympic Games this year, support among the people of Japan for organizing the Games is declining. This week a Japanese newspaper reported that the Games were being considered to be canceled. According to that news, there will be a final decision in this regard next month. But the Olympic Games Organizing Committee immediately denied the news and called it fake news.

Despite this, there remains uncertainty about these games. There is currently no excitement in Japan about this event, as it was seen before the Corona epidemic. The event was postponed last year due to the epidemic. These games were originally scheduled to take place in August 2020.

Now, according to the new schedule, it will be held next July, with less than 200 days left. Meanwhile, emergency is currently underway in Tokyo due to the new wave of Corona epidemic. The new wave of corona in the countries around Japan also has serious effects at the moment. Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto, in his address to the organizing staff on the occasion of New Year, tried to show a positive picture even amid the declining public support. He said that the number of people who want to cancel the game has increased by only five per cent. According to the latest survey, 45 per cent of the people of Japan said that the Olympic Games should be postponed again, while 35 per cent said that they need to be canceled altogether.

Mute said that while the number of people who want to postpone the Games is considerable, it also means that these people want to organize the Games. He had said that a virus free environment would have to be created for the Games to be organized. If this happens, people’s support for the event will increase.

Olympic Games were being considered to be canceled
Olympic Games were being considered to be canceled

But it is not just about the people of Japan. The enthusiasm for organizing the Olympic Games of the Games is also decreasing abroad this year. For example, Britain’s sailing champion Matthew Pinsant said this week that these games should be canceled. He said that Tokyo could host the 2024 Games instead. Pinsent has won the Olympic gold medal four times.
He said in a tweet that when there is a possibility that thousands of people will be forced to come there without getting vaccinated, the event will be held in a tizzy. Vaccination for the prevention of corona virus infection in Japan is unlikely to begin before February. Then players from all over the world come to these games. There is a doubt about vaccination in many developing countries by July. Meanwhile, according to reports published in Japanese media, emergency is going to be implemented in some other areas of Japan to overcome the corona epidemic. In the same week, two domestic rugby tournaments were canceled in the country.

The Tokyo 2020 Committee has prepared an anti-virus guideline. It states that sports can be organized without vaccination. But most people in Japan do not agree. Also, there is growing objection to organizing sports abroad without vaccination. Suspicion about the organization of such games has increased.