One lakh syringes are being manufactured every hour for Corona

A long time has passed since the corona infection and deaths from it. Now everyone is waiting for Corona’s vaccine. In such a situation, efforts are also being made to allow the use of the vaccine in an emergency. If the vaccine arrives, a syringe will also be needed to apply it. This can be gauged from the fact that one lakh syringes are being manufactured every hour in the factory of Hindustan Syringes Company located in Faridabad, Haryana for vaccination.

Indian companies are engaged in the manufacture of syringes day and night. Meanwhile, a special type of syringe will also be used for the first time in vaccination of corona virus. Because of this special technique the syringe can be used once. She will not be used the second time as she will be locked in the first time.

So far, several lakh syringes have been prepared. The company has received several orders from the central government so far. Under this, one lakh syringes are being produced every hour. The company has also set a target of producing 100 million syringes by next year. The company’s MD Rajiv Nath said that this time a single use series is being made, which can be used only once. Even if a person wants to use the syringe again, they will not be able to use it because it is locked at first.

One lakh syringes are being manufactured every hour for Corona
One lakh syringes are being manufactured every hour for Corona

The syringe is being made in four parts, one of which is a plunger that is pulled while taking a dose. This plunger can be pulled only once so that air pressure can be created. After this, the dose will reach the muscles by pressing the plunger. If someone pulls the plunger again to use it, it will break.

Similarly, the second part of the syringe is the needle which is locked with the help of a technique. No person can break this lock. Rajiv Nath said that there is a problem of reusing syringes in many countries of the world. Usually the needle is removed and the syringe is used again. Because it is an infectious disease, an auto disposal syringe is needed. Therefore, it is being prepared on the basis of new technology.

According to the National Task Force, vaccination of corona virus in India requires several crore syringes. As of now it has become clear that at least two doses are to be given to a person. In such a situation, the government has estimated to require 90 crore syringes for the first dose. While the government needs double syringes to complete the first phase.

According to the Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, about 40 crore vaccine doses will be available in the country by the month of July, after which the first phase of vaccination will be completed by September. The government is the first to target about 25 to 30 crore people in the country.

Rajiv Nath said that 300 million syringes are required annually under the Universal Immunization Program but now this demand has been doubled due to Corona virus. 600 million syringes are to be produced by the month of June next year as both the corona virus and universal vaccination (which is operated for children) are to be run simultaneously in the country. Orders have been received from the government for this, after which production has been speeded up.

According to the Ministry of Health, not everyone in the country will be given the vaccine. Whoever needs it will be given vaccine only. In addition, only 60 percent of the staff will be employed in the vaccination of Corona. The remaining 40 per cent of the staff will be employed in the pre-existing vaccinations so that the safety of the nation’s naval can be taken simultaneously.