People have been advised to avoid coming to Washington on January 20

On the day of the swearing in of elected President Joe Biden, the prospect of widespread violence in America is increasing. In view of this, people have been advised to avoid coming to Washington on January 20, the day of swearing. The latest information obtained by the US Intelligence Agency Federal Bureau of Investigation has sparked a wave of fear about the possibility of violence (FBI). The FBI has received information that Trump’s ‘armed supporters’ are preparing to perform in all 50 state capitals on January 20. He plans to have the biggest showing in Washington.

According to the continuous news in the US media, in view of these information, special security measures are being taken across the US for January 20. According to the TV channel CNN, the FBI warned that what happened in view of the preparations by Trump supporters, a violent altercation began on January 6 on Capitol Hill (US Parliament House) in Washington.

The FBI Bulletin has warned that the likelihood of attacks from Trump supporters will increase from January 16 to January 20. In addition, if Trump was removed prematurely using Article 25 of the US Constitution, a massive uprising could erupt.

People have been advised to avoid coming to Washington on January 20
People have been advised to avoid coming to Washington on January 20

According to the bulletin, on January 8, the FBI found from internal dialogue by pro-Trump groups that these groups said that if Trump was removed from the presidency prematurely, he would immediately raid federal and state buildings . The FBI says it could happen on January 20 as well. In addition, preparations are made to personally attack Joe Biden, elected Vice President Kamala Harris and House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.

Washington’s Mayor Muriel Browser appealed to the American public on Monday to refrain from visiting Washington during Biden’s swearing-in week. He expressed concern over reports that preparations were being made to commit more violence in the country’s capital. Bauzer said- It is not that Trumpism will end on January 20.

An assessment by the Ministry of Home Affairs (Homeland Security) has been published in the US media that after the success of the attack on Capitol Hill it is possible that Trump supporters are preparing for more attacks on the day of the swearing-in. The Ministry has said that now there is a need to take such news and preparation of the attackers more seriously. The ministry has now decided to deploy additional security personnel in Washington.

Additional security forces are being called in from the states of Virginia, Maryland and New Jersey for this. The New York Police Department has also decided to send 200 of its officers to Washington to help with security operations. Such preparation is also being done in various states.

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