Hurricane Molway in the PhilippinesHurricane Molway in the Philippines

People were forced to leave everything for safety in the provinces south of the capital due to Hurricane Molway in the Philippines. However, no immediate reports of any casualty were received from the storm. At the same time, officials say at least one person is missing and seven others have been rescued from Batangas province south of Manila.

Hurricane Molway in the Philippines
Hurricane Molway in the Philippines

The storm has winds of 125 kmph and 180 kmph and is blowing westward at a speed of 25 kmph. According to government forecasters, Molway is also expected to be out of the country in the South China Sea on Monday.

According to the Office of Civil Defense, at least 25,000 villagers have taken refuge in schools and government buildings. Around 20,000 people have been displaced. In some places, lightning has also caused a thunderstorm. At the same time, debris removal work is going on in some cities.

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