People's trust in traditional media in America has reached the lowest level of history

People’s trust in traditional media in America has reached the lowest level of history. According to the Alderman Trust Barometer, which is released every year, as far as social media is concerned, at the moment only 27 percent of people are trusting it. The results of this barometer’s confidence in media related to the US were released on Thursday. The Alderman Barometer surveys the trust of various institutions and people worldwide.

Last year, this survey in America has revealed that today people are demanding more of the facts, but at the same time the confidence of journalists is decreasing in them. After this survey report, many experts have said that media persons and media houses should take this result seriously. It has been said that they will now have to take additional measures to maintain people’s confidence in themselves.

Sociologists have pointed out that people’s trust in government and media is essential for the stability of a society. But now it seems that millions of Americans have lost faith in these two institutions.

According to the Alderman Trust Survey Report, 56 percent of people agreed with the statement that journalists are deliberately misleading people. They either lie completely or they exaggerate things. 58 percent of Americans said that most news organizations are more concerned about supporting an ideology or political stance. Their main concern is not to inform the society.

People's trust in traditional media in America has reached the lowest level of history
People’s trust in traditional media in America has reached the lowest level of history

Survey agency Alderman has said that he conducted a re-survey after the presidential election in the US. In this, the results came out worse than previously believed in the media. According to this survey, 57 percent of Democratic Party supporters said they believed in the media, but only 18 percent of Republican Party supporters expressed such opinion.

According to Alderman, the big picture has emerged from the latest survey that according to the global trend in America, people’s trust in traditional media is declining rapidly. That is, the latest figures are not just the result of the campaign launched by the former President Donald Trump against the mainstream media.

In a commentary in the newspaper New York Times, anthropologist Heidi Larsen stated that the problem in America is not publicity of misinformation. The problem here is trust. Media analysts say that media houses have always relied on advertising. Today, most advertising platforms are grabbing tech platforms like Google and Facebook. In such a situation, the structure of traditional media houses has become weak. This has weakened their reporting and impacted people’s trust.

The website said in an analysis that restoring people’s trust in the media has now become a big challenge. But the good thing is that now the discussion has started among journalists on this problem. According to the website, Lionel Barber, former editor of the London newspaper Financial Times, recently wrote that media institutions can regain people’s trust only through fact-based reporting.

The Washington Post columnist Margaret Sullivan has said that the media’s objective should not only be to provide true information, but also to ensure that people accept those information. But analysts say that the easier it is to say all these things, the more difficult it is to execute them. People’s trust has been reduced by long-term experience. No ready-made method of restoring it exists.