PLA of China has abducted five people in Arunachal Pradesh

Tension continues between India and China along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh. Meanwhile, Arunachal Pradesh Congress MLA Ninong Ering says that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China has abducted five people in Subasiri district. He requested the central government to free the citizens.

Ninong Eering tweeted on Saturday, saying, ‘Shocking news. Five people in Upper Subasiri district of our state Arunachal Pradesh have been allegedly abducted by the PLA of China. A similar incident occurred a few months ago. The PLA and the Chinese Communist Party should be given a befitting reply. ‘ He said that the central government should rescue the abducted people. According to the Arunachal Times report, five people belonging to the Tagin community were kidnapped from the forest near Nacho while they were hunting. This was informed by a relative of one of the abducted persons. The villagers who are allegedly kidnapped are Toch Singkam, Prasad Ringling, Dongtu Ibia, Tanu Baker and Nargu Diri.

Two other villagers who accompanied the abducted men and managed to escape somehow told the people about the incident. However, relatives have not yet had any talks with the Indian Army about the incident. The villagers of Nacho are in panic due to this incident.

Family members of the victims say they will leave for Nacho on Saturday morning to discuss with army officials and find out about the incident. Family members and relatives have appealed to the concerned authorities to take serious note of the incident and take steps to bring the five back to the country. At present, no information has been received from the district administration.

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