Poaching and burglary

Poaching and burglary in Kaziranga National Park on Friday involved a poacher who was granted bail in connection with the massacre. This was stated by P Shivakumar, Director, Kaziranga National Park.

Police and the Forest Department have arrested four people in connection with the killing of a rhino on Friday in the Kahara forest area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKaziranga National Park. According to P Shivakumar, the director of Kaziranga National Park, a group of poachers from Bishwanath was involved in the killing of rhinos. The group has already been identified

He was released on bail after spending three months in jail by a poacher. However, after returning to their home state for the Corona infection, the poachers re-formed the group and became known for killing the rhinos. According to the operator, the park authorities had received information that poachers had gone to the National Park to kill the rhinos. Accordingly, everyone was warned In this case, it is suspected that due to inattention of business in 230 forest camps, the poachers were able to kill the rhinos and cut off the horn.

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