Poland became the first country to decide to legislate against tech companies

Poland became the first country to decide to legislate against such action, amid anger against US President Donald Trump’s closure of social media accounts. According to the government’s announcement, a law contract is being prepared, under which it would be illegal for tech companies to take such a step. Officials of the Polish government have strongly condemned the move of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, etc. companies to deactivate Donald Trump’s social media accounts.

Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusus Morvići wrote in a Facebook post – ‘Algorithms or big companies should not get the right to decide what is right and what is wrong. Censorship cannot be accepted. Censorship is a thing of totalitarian and dictatorial system. Now, as a business measure, censorship is returning against those who think differently. ‘

But observers have noted that Poland’s ruling law and the Justice Party itself have been curbing freedom of expression in recent years. This party has been ideologically a Trump supporter on many issues. Many of its leaders have consistently campaigned against the gay community and refugees. However, this party has already said that international tech companies target people with right-wing views in Poland and other countries.

Poland became the first country to decide to legislate against tech companies
Poland became the first country to decide to legislate against tech companies

Poland’s Justice Minister Sibastian Kalata has said that Facebook’s Trump account closure is hypocritical, politically motivated and censorship. He said that there will now be a law in Poland, under which it will be illegal to remove those things from social media platforms, which do not violate any law of Poland. He said that this law would have to be followed by all companies that wanted to do business in Poland.

In recent years, Facebook has blocked the content of Poland’s right-wing organizations and leaders several times. The Facebook account of right-wing Confederation Party MP Janus Corbin-Mike was closed last November. He had more than seven lakh 80 thousand followers. Corwin-Mike then alleged that the operation of Facebook had passed into the hands of fascists and Bolsheviks.

Under the proposed law in Poland, users would have the right to go to court to reinstate social media posts. The court will have to give a decision in such cases within seven days. The entire court process will be conducted electronically. Prime Minister Morvicki has appealed to the European Union to enact such rules.

Katarji Similiewicz, president of the non-government organization Ponopticon, told a newspaper that the proposed legislation was on the same line for which Poland’s civil society had been campaigning for a long time. It is against online censorship. He said that laws of different countries can better decide which online content should be allowed to be removed and which should be removed. But he said it would be a good thing to have uniform laws for the entire European Union.

But other analysts have pointed out that there is a political motive behind the initiative of the Government of Poland. He worries that the scope of action initiated in the US may extend to Poland. Here it can come under the purview of many right-wing organizations, which are the mainstay of the ruling party. The government wants to save them.

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