Pope Francis first visit Iraq for months

Pope Francis Iraq arrived here on Friday amid a dwindling number of people from the Christian community during the decades-long war in Iraq. Preparations have been going on for this historic visit of the Pope for months and this is the first visit of the Pope to Iraq.

The Pope has come to Iraq with the message of peace and co-existence so that the Christian minority inhabited in the country can get relief. A large number of minorities fled the country during various conflicts following the 2003 Iraq-led invasion of Iraq.

His journey will begin in Baghdad, where he will address various events. Apart from this, he will also participate in many religious events in various other religious cities.

Pope Francis first visit Iraq  for months
Pope Francis first visit Iraq for months

His plane landed here at around 2 pm local time. Vatican and Iraq flags were mounted on the aircraft. Magnificent preparations were made to welcome him and a large number of people gathered near the airport to get a glimpse of him.

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