Preparing to establish human settlement on Mars

Elon Musk, one of the most enthusiastic people about human life on other planets far from space, was shocked to say that they are preparing to establish human settlement on Mars. After this statement, the discussion about human life on Mars had gained momentum.

Now Elon Musk has given information about how the human settlement on Mars will be. He told how in the initial stage, Mars will be placed on the planet to keep alive.

Astronomers have been doing research for a long time about the possibility of life on Mars. According to what scientists have found so far, the atmosphere on Mars is not such that humans can live there. But some enthusiastic people do not wait for the circumstances but instead start preparing themselves. One such enthusiast about space is the owner of SpaceX company, Elon Musk.

SpaceX sends satellites from its rockets for space missions as well as astronauts. But Elon Musk’s most talked about project is the human settlement on Mars. He first spoke about the idea of ​​establishing a human settlement on Mars on the 2015 Steffel Colbert show. Then he said that if the temperature of Mars gets slightly warmer. So there can be a habitable environment for humans.

Preparing to establish human settlement on Mars
Preparing to establish human settlement on Mars

Elon Musk later announced that he was considering warming the temperature of Mars artificially. Musk had said that he would conduct a nuclear attack on some part of Mars so that there would be greenhouse emissions and increase in temperature. Although scientists had raised doubts over the success of Musk’s scheme, it has not been completely ruled out.

For the first time Musk has given information about how the human settlement on Mars will be. On Twitter, Musk reported that people would initially live in glass domes. Eventually, Mars will be gradually replaced like Earth. Elon Musk gave this information in response to a Twitter user’s question.

A Twitter user named Astronomium asked Musk if the planet would have already been prepared like Earth when people first arrived on Mars, or would Space X have prepared another way to survive on the red planet? . In response to this question, Musk has given information about keeping people in glass houses.

Actually, the maximum temperature of Mars is minus 48 degrees. Also, there is no protective cover to stop the dangerous rays coming from the sun on Mars. Human life is not possible in such an environment.

Musk plans to have the first settlement on Mars by 2050. Elon Musk had said that he would make several atomic explosions of enormous strength on a part of Mars to raise the temperature. The explosion will produce carbon dioxide gas, which will increase the temperature of Mars. This will increase the impact of green house gases and gradually create an artificial environment for humans to live.

Although this will not be so easy to do. According to scientists, to change the temperature of Mars, 10,000 nuclear bombs will have to be dropped there, which will need the latest missiles to reach there. After the atomic bomb, there will also be a radiation hazard.

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