President Donald Trump and his supporters have been busy making the results controversial

This time President Donald Trump and his supporters have been busy making the results controversial from the beginning. In this connection, many members in both the Senate and House of Representatives have declared objections to the outcome. But during the discussion on the rule, no Republican member in either House raised objections.

After the announcement of thirteen Republican senators objecting to the outcome of the presidential election, the Senate meeting on January 6 has caught everyone’s attention. That day, Congress (US Parliament) will count the voting in the Electoral College. According to the election process of the US President, the formal declaration of the election result is only after counting of votes in Congress. This count takes place in the meeting of the newly elected Congress. The Congress re-announced its rule in this regard on Sunday.

There is nothing new in the New Testament. The same procedure will be followed on January 6, which has been in place for decades. Under this, the results of the Electoral College voting will be put to pass by voice vote in the shared session of the two houses. Usually the results are sealed in the meantime.

President Donald Trump and his supporters have been busy making the results controversial
President Donald Trump and his supporters have been busy making the results controversial

On November 3, 538 members were elected to the Electoral College. On December 14, 306 of them voted in favor of Joe Biden of the Democratic Party. In this way, Biden is elected president, to which the Congress has to seal the final seal. Many senators have said that they will challenge the election results from some states during the period.

But there has been a split in the Republican Party on the issue of creating controversy over the election result. On Sunday, seven Republican members of the House of Representatives issued a statement expressing their opposition to efforts to challenge the election result. He said that according to the US Constitution, the responsibility of electing members of the Electoral College is not on Congress, but on the states. Therefore, the Congress should not try to reverse the election results from the states. Some Republican members of the Senate have also opposed attempts to dispute the election result. These include Mitt Romney, who was the party’s candidate for the 2012 presidential election.

But despite the split in the party, Trump supporters are firm on their intentions. They have been trying to make the results controversial since the election day. In this connection, the newspaper The Washington Post on Sunday revealed that President Trump had called Secretary of State Brad Raffensparger of the State of Georgia and asked him to ‘find as many votes’ as he could from Biden’s victory. To be reversed. This phone call has been described by Trump as an abuse of his position.

Some Trump supporters have said that Vice President Mike Pence should declare the members of the Electoral College voting in favor of Biden illegal. The Vice President will preside over a joint session during the discussion on the election result. A judicial petition to instruct Pence in this regard was also filed last week, but was turned down by the court.

According to the counting process, the Vice President has to place the ballots cast in the Electoral College in front of the Senate. They will read the ballot papers of the electoral college of every state from the alphabet and tell the result from it. They will then give the members a chance to lodge objections. If any one member lodged an objection, the Senate and the House would have to meet separately to debate the election results. Then the results will be voted on again in the shared session.

Efforts by pro-Trump lawmakers have forced the Democratic Party to devise a special strategy for the January 6 session. Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has called a separate meeting of members of her party. It specifically asks members from states such as Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona to be present. Trump supporters are set to challenge the results from these states.