Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s reply surprised everyone

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s reply surprised everyone when the issue of peasant movement in India came up in the UK Parliament on Wednesday. In fact, when the farmer movement was mentioned in Britain’s House of Commons, Johnson confused and called it the issue between India and Pakistan. He said, “This has to be resolved by two governments.”

British Sikh MP Tanmanjit Singh Dhesi of the Labor Party had asked Prime Minister Boris Johnson a question in Parliament on the protests by farmers in India. PM Johnson got confused on this. He said that any dispute between India and Pakistan can be resolved through bilateral talks.

Dhesi said, ‘Many MPs, especially those coming from Punjab and other parts of India and I am scared to see footage of water canon, tear gas shells and security forces being used against the farmers protesting in peace Have gone However, the same farmers are feeding the security forces who have been ordered to beat them. Will Prime Minister Johnson inform the Indian Prime Minister about our heartfelt concerns. We hope that the current deadlock will be resolved soon. Do they agree that everyone has the fundamental right to peaceful protest? ‘

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's reply surprised everyone
Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s reply surprised everyone

Responding to this question, Johnson said, ‘Of course, the Speaker and the Honorable gentleman know our views well. We have serious concerns about what is happening between India and Pakistan, but these are major issues between these two governments and both governments can resolve it. This has happened a few days before the UK Foreign Ministry refused to comment on the farmers’ movement. Then the UK spokesman had said, “The police handling the protests is a matter of the Government of India.”

Surprised by Johnson’s response, Dhesi immediately took to social media and expressed surprise on Twitter that Prime Minister Johnson did not know what subject he was responding to. He said Britain could help if our Prime Minister knew what they were talking about.

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