Problem of political instability in Italy

Italy, now facing the Corona epidemic and severe economic crisis, also has the problem of political instability. The troubles of this country, already stuck in difficulties, have increased further due to the withdrawal of former Prime Minister Matteo Renji’s party from the ruling coalition. Renji announced in a press conference on Wednesday that his Italia Viva Party was breaking away from the coalition government. This was the smallest party in the alliance. This party had two ministers. But leaving it behind, the ruling coalition no longer has a majority.

It is a centrist party. It is said that due to differences over the plan being made to handle the country’s economy, it has decided to leave the coalition government. Significantly, the first major hit of the Corona epidemic in Europe was on Italy. A large number of people died there. Italy has suffered a second round of the Corona epidemic in the last two months. The country’s economy has been stagnant for almost a year.

Matteo Renji is one of the prominent leaders of the country. In September 2019, he formed the Italia Viva Party. Before that he was in the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is considered to be a leftist party. It was only because of Renji’s support that the second coalition government of Prime Minister Guisepe Conte could be formed. Before this, the first coalition government led by Konthe fell before the right wing League Party left the coalition.

Analysts say there is little public support with the Italia Viva Party. In recent opinion polls, it was estimated to get just three percent of the vote. But in the current Parliament, it has 30 members in the lower house and 18 in the upper house. It therefore has a significant presence within the existing Parliament.

Problem of political instability in Italy
Problem of political instability in Italy

Now the Five Star Party, Democratic Party and Free and Equal Parliamentary Groups remain in the ruling coalition. The Five Star Party is considered a leftist populist party. The Free and Equal Parliamentary Group is also leftist. In this way, the Italia Viva Party was the only one in the ruling coalition, whose trend is not leftist. Therefore, on the issue of handling the economy, his differences with other parties of the coalition arose.

Italy is to receive 750 billion euros from the European Union under the Corona relief package. Renji and Conte could not agree on which items to spend it on. According to the EU package these amounts can be spent in both grants and low interest rates. Renji is of the opinion that Italy should also use the money that can be obtained under European Stability Mechanism. The loan can be taken from this fund at a low interest rate. But Conte and Five Star Movement are of the opinion that doing so will increase the debt burden on the country. So they turned down Renji’s proposal.

However, political analysts say that differences over the Corona relief package is not the only reason for the break-up of the coalition. The real reason is that Renji has been marginalized in the last one year. The future of his party looks uncertain. That is why they have played the game of separation from the government.

According to experts, Prime Minister Conte now has two options. The first is to call a meeting of the House and get a vote of confidence. His government is certain to fall in this. After that, the position of their government will be that of caretaker, during which they will not be able to take any policy decisions. Another option is to hold elections. In addition, he may resign and explore the possibility of a third alliance. They can get success in this only when some small parties support them. At the moment, it is not decided what Konté’s next step will be. But it is more likely that they will explore the possibility of a new coalition, because holding elections in the midst of an epidemic or running a caretaker government is not the appropriate option.