Prostitutes have sat on a week-long sit-in demonstration in Brazil

There is hardly any country in the world untouched by the corona virus infection. The vaccine is the only option that can provide some relief, given the increasing infection of the corona virus. In such a situation, it becomes necessary for every citizen to take corona vaccine supplements. In this connection, prostitutes have sat on a week-long sit-in demonstration in the southeast city of Belo Horizonte in Brazil. They demand that they should also be included in the priority list of the corona virus vaccine. During the epidemic, these women also had to face many problems.

Explain that the hotels were closed in view of the epidemic, due to which thousands of prostitutes of the city had to take rented rooms to offer their services. Sida Vieira, chairperson of the State Prostitutes Association of Minas Gerais, said that we are standing in the frontline, we are also frontline workers and we are running the economy, so we also have the sword of risk hanging on us.

He further said that we also need to take vaccine supplements. Vieira was seen performing dharna on Monday along with her fellow women. In the place where these prostitutes used to do their business, the hotels have been closed due to the epidemic and they are protesting outside the same street.

A prostitute sitting on the dharna said that we are a part of the primary group because we meet different people every day and put our lives at risk. The woman said that the government has already included health workers, teachers, the elderly and the already ill people in the primary group of applying vaccine.

Prostitutes have sat on a week-long sit-in demonstration in Brazil
Prostitutes have sat on a week-long sit-in demonstration in Brazil

Let us know that the second wave of corona is also going on in Brazil, although 121 deaths have been recorded on one lakh population, which is the lowest. Please tell that more than 3,32,000 people have died due to Corona in Brazil. Brazil has the highest number of deaths after the US.

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