Queen Elizabeth of Britain lobbied to change the terms of a proposed law

A recent revelation has led to an uncomfortable situation for Queen Elizabeth of Britain. Although the case dates back 48 years, it is expected to affect the Queen’s personal image badly. According to this revelation, the Queen had lobbied to change the terms of a proposed law, so that her personal property remained confidential.

However, this news was given by the newspaper ‘The Morning Star’ at that time. But the gist of that news was that the then Conservative Party government was going to exempt the Raj family from the proposed company law. This newspaper considers communist ideology, so an attempt was made to cover its news then. But even then the newspaper The Financial Times wrote that if Buckingham Palace (British Palace) tried to get this exemption, and it was later revealed, it would be an explosive news.

Now the newspaper ‘The Guardian’ has confirmed on the basis of the documents that it was in fact vigorous lobbying on behalf of the Queen to get the exemption. The newspaper has said that if full information about the assets of the Raj family were revealed, it would have caused problems for the Raj family. So the Queen made this lobbying and she was successful in it.

Queen Elizabeth of Britain  lobbied to change the terms of a proposed law
Queen Elizabeth of Britain lobbied to change the terms of a proposed law

According to the newspaper, she has obtained several documents from the National Archives, which shows that Queen Elizabeth’s personal counsel pressured the then ministers on the proposed law, so that the Queen would not have to make public the details of her money. Under this pressure, the then government included a section in the proposed law, under which the government was empowered to not release information about companies that the ‘Head of State’ uses.

The Guardian states that the system put in place by the then government brought into existence practically a government shell company, which was used to cover the Queen’s private share holdings and investments. This system continued until at least 2011. Although the information about how much money the Queen has, could not be revealed till date. It is estimated that the nobles are the mistresses of billions of pounds.

According to the British tradition, in the case of common laws, after their passage from Parliament, they require the approval of the Queen. But such laws, which may affect the privileges of the royal family or the personal interests of the Queen, are given prior information to the palace before they are passed. On the basis of this earlier information, the Queen then lobbyed. The custom of giving information before the website of the Raj family has been a long established tradition. But constitutional experts call it an obscure and part of the monarchy’s old rituals.

Thomas Edams, an expert on constitutional law at Oxford University, told The Guardian that these documents have shown an impact on the law-making process, which lobbyists can only dream of. Due to the tradition of prior information and prior consent, the empress has the right to influence such laws in a concrete way, which may affect them.

Before the news was published, The Guardian tried to get a response from Buckingham Palace, but got no response. Edams says that the documents revealed that the Queen played a role in changing a part of the law. According to experts, the speculation raised by the Financial Times at that time has come true. This is an explosive news for Britain, where even today the Raj family is respected.

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