Rafale a fighter aircraft is becoming more dangerous

Rafale, a fighter aircraft called deadly to enemies, is becoming more dangerous. France is doubling Rafale’s capacity and is testing cruise missiles on Rafale fighter jets included in the French Airforce.

Recently France has ended the practice of firing nuclear missiles from Rafale. This missile is capable of penetrating enemies in any weather. In view of this, the enemies of France have come into the can.

At the same time, the French Airforce said that the nuclear weapons launch cruise missile MBDA ASMPA of the French arms company MBDA was tested on December 9, 2020. At that time, officials of Rafale company Dassault and MBDA were present.

It was further revealed that the missiles launched from Rafale pierced their targets with great accuracy. Also, more tests of these missiles will be done in the coming days.

Turkey’s ears have cropped up in view of such preparations in France, with France and Turkey threatening each other over recent tensions over oil and gas exploration in the Mediterranean Sea. At the same time, Turkish President Erdogan has repeatedly threatened France for war. France is making its fighter jet even more dangerous with this.

Rafale a fighter aircraft is becoming more dangerous
Rafale a fighter aircraft is becoming more dangerous

Indian Air Force Chief Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria had said on 5 October that all 36 Rafale fighter jets would arrive in India by the year 2023. France has handed over 10 Rafale fighter jets to India, of which five are currently in France. In this, Indian Air Force pilots are being trained. Training of Indian pilots is expected to be completed by March 2021.

With the delivery of 16 more fighter aircraft by April 2021, the Golden Arrow Squadron will receive all 18 of its fighter aircraft. At least three fighters for the Eastern Front will be sent to the Rafale Squadron. They will be stationed at the Hasimara airbase in Bengal, guarding the eastern border with China. The Indian government signed a deal of Rs 59,000 crore with France to buy 36 Rafale aircraft four years ago to increase the strength of the Air Force.

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