Representative of the House is likely to vote on Wednesday

Representative Democrats of the House of Representatives last Wednesday blamed President Donald Trump for the violence in the US Parliament House and brought a motion of impeachment on him. The House of Representatives, dominated by Democrats, is likely to vote on Wednesday.

After the motion was tabled, prominent leader in the House of Representatives Stanny Hoyer said that Trump would be the first Republican president to face impeachment twice if the motion is passed. On the other hand, opposing the proposal, Republican MP Alex Moon said the House should reject it.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi said before drafting charges in Parliament that we must take immediate steps to protect our Constitution and democracy because the Constitution is threatened by President Trump.

Pelosi’s team will ask Vice President Mike Pence and cabinet ministers to vote on the draft late in the evening to implement the 25th amendment. Since Parliament is not in session, its view may be objected. Pelosi will propose before the entire House on Tuesday. Pence and the cabinet will have 24 hours before the impeachment proceedings to pass it.

Representative of the House is likely to vote on Wednesday
Representative of the House is likely to vote on Wednesday

Former California governor and Republican leader Arnold Schwarzenegger compared the persecution and violence of Trump supporters in the US Capitol to the Nazis and described Trump as a failed leader who would be known as the ‘worst president’ in history. Schwarzenegger said, what happened in America reminded the Nazis when in 1938 the Nazis ransacked the homes, schools and institutions of the Jews.

The swearing-in ceremony of the country’s newly elected President Joe Biden and newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris on January 20 will include US Vice President Mike Pence. However, outgoing President Trump has decided to distance himself from the oath ceremony. According to the news, Pence’s statements indicated that he would attend Biden’s swearing-in ceremony.

Outgoing President Donald Trump has half-tilted the flag in honor of two police officers killed in the violence in the Capitol (Parliament House) last Wednesday. Trump announced that flags would be hoisted at the White House and all federal buildings until sunset on Wednesday.

The announcement did not mention Capitol Police officers Brian Siknik and Howard Leibengad, riots in the Capitol. Siknik died on Thursday, while Leibengud died on Sunday. The reason for his death is not yet clear. Two people aware of the case reported that the officer had committed suicide.

PGA America has decided not to hold the PGA Championship at President Donald Trump’s golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey. In this way, he also broke up with Trump. This decision came four days after Trump’s supporters attacked the Capitol building.

This is the second time in the past five years that PGA America has picked up one of its events from Trump’s golf course. In 2015, Trump removed PGA Gradslam from Trump National Las Angeles Golf Course in protest against Trump’s derogatory remarks on Mexico refugees.

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bauzer has proposed tough security at the swearing-in ceremony of newly elected President Joe Biden. He has asked the Ministry of Home Security to approach the Supreme Court and the Congress besides the Ministry of Justice and Defense in this regard. Describing the violence last week as a terrorist attack, he stressed the need for separate security arrangements at Biden Pledge Sambo on 20 January.

Last Wednesday, while Trump supporters in Capitol Hill were making uproar in the US, they were accompanied by racial symbols, flags and white supremacist slogans. The police report states that these rioters also had Trump-20 banners and extremist group posters.