Republican Party is taking the country towards a new civil war

In the US, the controversy over the presidential election in November is not taking the name of freeze. Continuously challenging the election results of President Donald Trump and his Republican Party, questions are being raised about the credibility of the country’s electoral system. Now some Democratic Party leaders and analysts have alleged that the Republican Party is taking the country towards a new civil war.

The latest controversy arose from a petition filed in the Supreme Court on behalf of the state of Texas. The Republican Party has a majority in Texas. Texas has challenged the election results of four other states in this petition. From these four states, Joe Biden of the Democratic Party won the election. After this Texas initiative, it is being accused that efforts are being made to push the country towards civil war. The civil war hashtag started trending on Twitter when this discussion got hot. With this hashtag more than 40,000 tweets.
Civil war is an important chapter in American history. Between 1861 and 1865 there was a civil war in America. Several southern states then rebelled against then President Abraham Lincoln’s decision to end slavery. This led to civil war. The mention of this word in the current political context indicates that the controversy of the Democratic Party and its supporters is now breaking due to the ongoing controversy over the outcome of the presidential election.

Republican Party is taking the country towards a new civil war
Republican Party is taking the country towards a new civil war

The state of Texas, in its petition, has challenged the election results of the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Joe Biden was declared the winner on the basis of votes cast by post in all these states. President Trump’s camp has been continuously questioning the validity of the votes cast by post. Now 18 other states with a majority of the Republican Party and President Trump have also supported Texas’s petition. Texas was initially supported by 17 states. The state of Arizona later submitted its letter of support in favor of this petition to the Supreme Court.

Reacting to the petition before Arizona’s move, former Barack Obama administration spokesman Tommy Wietour said in a tweet – 17 states are demanding the Supreme Court to take away the rights of voters from other states. Doing so is like starting a second civil war. Expert Andy Slewitt, who played a key role in drafting the Obama Care (Medical Insurance) Act during Barack Obama’s term, also said that the petition is the first step towards the next civil war. He said that those people are doing this work, who claim themselves to be supporters of law and order.

Author Jeff Charlett has said that the Texas petition is an attempt to reverse the national election. This is being done through an appeal to take away the rights of the voters of four other states. The motive is to reverse the decision by a majority of 25 other states and the total electorate. Charlett said in a tweet that the backdrop of civil war is drawn like this. Comedian John Hartzell has added an aspect of apartheid to the controversy, saying that some people who believe in the superiority of whites are at risk of another civil war.

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