Russia could cut off connections to servers outside the country

A new front of confrontation may arise between Russia and Western countries over the Internet. The reason for this is the alternative preparations being done in Russia. Russia is getting ready for those situations when it will continue to have limited internet in the country through its system even after disconnecting from the World Wide Web. Russia’s National Security Council vice-president Dmitry Medvidev said on Monday that Russia could cut off connections to servers outside the country if the situation arises. Medvidev has also previously been the President of Russia.

Medvidev said that in the present Internet structure, the main right of control rests with America. Therefore, in exceptional circumstances, it may happen that we have to take some action in case of servers present abroad. We have prepared a plan for such a situation.

According to the website Russia Today, Russia has invested heavily in recent years to create online infrastructure inside the country. It has also enacted rules under which Russia can restrict the web to its domestic autonomous networks. Although Medvidev said that these preparations are only for emergencies and Russia does not want to cut itself off from the world, but her statement has been taken very seriously. It is worth noting that such a discussion had taken place earlier also and this attempt was strongly criticized by Western experts.

In December 2019, the news was discussed worldwide that Russia has successfully tested its separate online network. It was told that this network would depend on the servers present inside the country. Even then the Russian government sources said that it has been prepared for emergency. Especially for those situations when there is a situation of military confrontation in Russia and Western countries. At that time, President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, said that an independent Internet and a sovereign Internet are not completely different conceptions. He said that Russia’s objective is to be prepared for the situation when it is possible to cut it off from the global web.

Russia could cut off connections to servers outside the country
Russia could cut off connections to servers outside the country

Following those statements, the world’s attention was drawn to the Corona epidemic. Now experts say that Medvidev’s latest statement has once again brought attention to this issue. Medvidev also said that in today’s era the Internet is related to the operation of the entire state system. It is related to a large number of social works. So we cannot leave it out of our control. So Russia has made a legal system for this, which will be implemented now.

Medvidev also said that some foreign websites are running a proxy war against Russia. Medvidev’s statement has also been seen in the context of the propaganda campaign in western countries over the arrest of anti-Putin leader Alexey Navalny. In such a situation, the possibility of a separate Internet in Russia has become stronger. China already has many restrictions on the World Wide Web. Now Russia is also moving in that direction, so there is a possibility that the technology that once connected the world is now on the path of fragmentation.

Experts say that the way social media companies closed the accounts of former US President Donald Trump caused deep concern in Russia. Here it was described as censorship of companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google. Russia said in an official statement that the move has taken away the claims of faith in the democratic values ​​of Western countries. According to analysts, this raised concern here that American companies may also take such steps in the case of Russian government and Russian leaders. Therefore, more emphasis is being given on activating your internet.