Russian hackers infiltrating computers of important departments of America

This superpower of the world has been shaken by the revelations of Russian hackers infiltrating computers of important departments of America. It is being described as the most serious cyber attack on US federal agencies. In an article written in the American newspaper Washington Post, the famous analyst Farid Zakaria said – ‘Russia has hacked not only our computer system, but also our brain.’ Zakaria also targeted US President Donald Trump in this case is.

He wrote – President Donald Trump knows or inadvertently uses this Russian model. This model rests on the principle that if people listen to a message repeatedly from many sources, they believe it, no matter how complete the message is from prejudices.

According to the information revealed so far, computer systems of at least six US departments have been hacked. It is not yet confirmed whether the hackers were able to steal any confidential information. It has also not been estimated how much material the hackers have stolen and how long it will take to remove the systems from their reach. Members of the US Congress (Parliament) have said that the government is still working to understand the effect of this hacking, but it has not been successful.

Russian hackers infiltrating computers of important departments of America
Russian hackers infiltrating computers of important departments of America

Stephen Lynch, head of the Monitoring and Reform Committee of the House of Representatives, the lower house of parliament, said – “This hacking is so big that even our cyber experts are unable to judge its prevalence.” Another member of the same committee, Jamie Ruskin, said that it is not known yet how much information we have about this. He said that the government will have to find out exactly how this was possible and the damage done to it.

According to US officials, he recently realized that computer systems of government departments and five big companies of the country have been cyber attacked. The attack began in March and lasted for months thereafter. Among the departments that have access to the systems of hackers are the Energy and National Nuclear Security Administration. It is these departments that manage the country’s nuclear weapons stores.

Hackers entered the wrong code in the software of network service provider SolarWinds. Hackers also appear to have used other methods to gain access to computer systems. After this news came out, the US Cyber ​​Security Agency has warned that a serious threat has been posed to the country’s infrastructure.

Microsoft, a well-known IT sector company, has come forward to help the hacking departments. It has so far identified 40 government agencies, think tanks, NGOs and IT companies whose hackers have managed to infiltrate the system. Microsoft says that computer systems of companies in Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, Britain, Israel and the United Arab Emirates have also been hacked.

The US media has expressed surprise that President Trump has not responded to such a big incident. Trump, however, avoided criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin anyway. After Trump won the presidential election in 2016, there were allegations that Russia helped him in the election. But Republican Senator Mitt Romney has said that the incident is similar to the way Russian bombers continue to fly fearlessly over American territory. He said that this incident has proved that America’s cyber security system is very weak.

Trump’s former home security adviser Thomas Bossart wrote in the New York Times that it would take years to know which networks had been controlled by Russia. He said that if Russia has taken control of any systems after hacking, then we have to take immediate action. It is not known what the next step of Russia will be. He said that the reach which the Russians have made, they can use it for any other purpose beyond the spying.