Side effects have been shown after taking the Covidshield vaccine dose

A person who took part in the trial of the Covidshield vaccine in Chennai has reported serious side effects after taking the dose. The 40-year-old has stated that severe side effects have been shown after taking the vaccine dose, including problems such as virtual neurological breakdowns. The person has demanded compensation of five crore rupees. It is noteworthy that this vaccine has been prepared by Oxford University and pharma company AstraZeneca.

In a legal notice sent to the serum institute and others, the person has also demanded a stay on the trial with compensation. The person has alleged that the potential vaccine is not safe. Along with this, it has also demanded cancellation of vaccine screening, production and distribution. Please tell this notice that the trial of this vaccine in India is being done by the Serum Institute of India, Pune. This notice has also been sent to the ICMR and the Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education Research along with the Serum Institute. The person alleged that he had suffered acute encephalopathy, brain damage or disease after being vaccinated and all investigations confirmed that his health had been damaged by the vaccine test. This person was vaccinated on October 1.

The person is alleged to have suffered from acute encephalopathy affecting the brain after taking the vaccine dose. The person says that it has become clear from all the investigations that the vaccine is the cause of the problems in his health. The notice states that the person went into the trauma after taking the vaccine, which indicates that the vaccine is not safe and all stakeholders are trying to hide the effects that the person has shown.

Side effects have been shown after taking the Covidshield vaccine dose2
Side effects have been shown after taking the Covidshield vaccine dose

In the past too, a mistake was detected in the trial of this vaccine. However, this mistake was proved to be better in a way. In fact, those who were given low doses of the vaccine in the trial had a 90 percent effect, whereas those who were given two whole doses were found to be only 62 percent effective. Subsequently, claims about the effectiveness of the vaccine were also questioned. AstraZeneca gave this information in a statement on Wednesday.

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