Social media discussions in the US have changed drastically since Donald Trump's exit

Social media discussions in the US have changed drastically since Donald Trump’s exit from the US presidency. The study of the first two weeks of the trend of February revealed that now, as in the era of trumps, person-centered discussions have reduced a lot. Instead, people are giving more preference to events and ideological issues. The study was done by Keyhole, an agency monitoring social media and influencers who influence the medium.

Keyhole says that now politicians, celebrities and business personalities are adapting themselves to the new situation. Experts say that Donald Trump used social media to create excitement in society. They used to do this day and night. This focused attention on them, while the important news remained unimportant. Trump managed to conduct the discussion in his own way. But now once again the discussion is moving from person to person and focus on collective issues.

According to Keyhole, in the first two weeks of February, an estimated 38 million posts about President Joe Biden were posted on social media. Whereas in the first two weeks of January, one million 40 million posts were posted about Trump. In this way, the posts posted about the incumbent president in the first two weeks of February were reduced to one-eighth of the corresponding period of the previous month.

Social media discussions in the US have changed drastically since Donald Trump's exit
Social media discussions in the US have changed drastically since Donald Trump’s exit

According to Keyhole, there are two types of trends on social media in the post-Trump era. Some leaders are still putting up trump style posts. These leaders include Republican Senator Josh Howley and Republican Member of the House of Representatives Marjorie Taylor Green. They are still discussing the rigged elections and the alleged conspiracies of the ‘Socialist’ Democratic Party. Some non-politicians are also resorting to inflammatory posts.

But there are more people who are discussing issues of public importance in simple and straightforward language. Among those doing this are people associated with the Biden administration, whose social media stance is completely different from that of the former administration. President Biden makes his declarations in a planned and systematic manner. They do not announce on Twitter like Trump. Rather, their decisions are informed in a thoughtful press briefing. This has brought relief to those who value logic and prudence in public life.

Social media platforms have also played a role in changing the style of discussion and reducing the heat generated by these discussions. Facebook has activated the algorithm of showing less of political topics in the user’s nude feed. This has helped in reducing political temperature. By the way, experts say that how long the social media platforms will run on this policy cannot be said. Media analysts say that media houses and individuals who promoted polarization benefitted immensely during the Trump era. His income increased from that. According to analysts, people who have vested interests in that environment will not easily change their mode of communication.

Communications experts call this the attention-grabbing economy. This concept was developed only in the 1970s. But with the spread of internet, it also spread rapidly. Experts say that at the moment there is excitement in media and social media discussions. It is beneficial for the society.