Stephanie Winston wolkoff, described working with Trump as the biggest mistake

Melanie Trump’s friend and former mentor, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, described working with Trump as the biggest mistake of her life. She has written openly on a wide range of topics in her book ‘Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady’ published on Tuesday.

She said that working for President Donald Trump and his family was the biggest mistake of my life. Stephanie worked as a consultant to Melania at the White House until February 2018. She was an unpaid White House consultant. But during that time he was convicted of financial disturbances. Stephanie said of Melania in her book, she was not really my friend. I wish I had never met him. She said that she met Melania at an event planner based in New York. Stephanie made several revelations about her in her book ‘Melania and me: the ups and downs of my friendship with the first lady’. According to him, Melania used to be his very good friend earlier, with which she shared all her things.

Stephanie Walcoff has worked for Vogue magazine and has also helped plan the iconic Met Ball in New York City for nearly a decade. Stephanie first met Melania when she was dating in 2003 with Donald Trump.

In her book, Stephanie Way describes Melania and Ivanka’s relationship. Stephanie said that she used to tell me about Ivanka when our friendship was very good. In which she always complained about her daughter. She always underestimated him and did not respect him as much as Ivanka deserved. Mewania was told that because of Ivanka, she does not get that much coverage in the media.

She was one of the key managers of Donald Trump’s inaugural events in January 2017 and performed with Melania at East Wing at the start of administration. Only then did she become one of his trusted advisors. According to the book, Stephanie was blamed for the financial mess that led to a rift in their relationship. After this, both of their friendship ended there.

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