Ten Chinese spies arrested from Afghanistan's capital Kabul

Pakistan’s evergreen friend China is in the process of executing terrorist incidents across the world. This has been confirmed by Ten Chinese spies arrested from Afghanistan’s capital Kabul. A Chinese module has been busted here which was operating a terrorist cell. This information was given by diplomats and security officials in the West Asian country.

People in Kabul and Delhi who were aware of the incident said that Beijing is suffering a lot of embarrassment due to the busting of the module. Now he is trying to convince the Ashraf Ghani government to hide the matter. Recently 10 Chinese citizens have been detained by Afghanistan’s National Security Directorate (NDS) on charges of espionage and running a terrorist cell.

These Chinese nationals are believed to be associated with China’s spy agency State Security Ministry. The action was initiated by NDS on 10 December. This is the first time in years that Chinese citizens have been caught spying in Afghanistan. Beijing has been rapidly expanding its influence ever since the US withdrew its troops from Afghanistan.

Ten Chinese spies arrested from Afghanistan's capital Kabul
Ten Chinese spies arrested from Afghanistan’s capital Kabul

According to the Hindustan Times report, a senior diplomat from Kabul said that at least two of the 10 Chinese nationals were in contact with the Haqqani network. It is an organization of the Taliban. President Ghani is told about the detention of Chinese citizens. In view of the sensitivity of the case, he has given the responsibility of supervising its investigation to Amarullah Saleh, the former head of the Afghan intelligence agency and the first Vice President.

Amarullah Saleh briefed Chinese Ambassador Wang Yu present in Kabul about the detention of Chinese spies and held a meeting with them. Saleh is believed to have indicated that the Afghan government may consider pardoning Chinese spies if Beijing formally apologizes for violating international norms and betraying Kabul. Failing that, the Afghan government will proceed with criminal proceedings.