Ten rockets were fired targeting a military airport in Iraq

At least Ten rockets were fired on Wednesday, targeting a military airport in the presence of US-led coalition forces in western Iraq. Coalition and Iraqi forces gave this information. It is not yet clear whether there were any casualties in the attack.

Coalition spokesman Colonel Wayne Marotto said rockets were fired at 7.20 am at the Ain al-Assad military airport in Anbar province. American forces are present at this airport. Wayne Marotto said Iraqi security forces are leading the investigation into the attack.

Later, the Iraqi military said in a statement that there was no major damage in the attack and that the security forces have detected the launch pad used for the missiles. An Iraqi army official said on the condition of keeping his identity confidential that the rockets were found in the Al Baghdadi area of ​​Anbar.

It is noteworthy that this attack happened at a time when Pope Francis is going to visit Iraq two days later. During this time, he is scheduled to visit Baghdad, southern Iraq and Irbil.

The US carried out airstrikes last week targeting the bases of Iran-backed militia organizations near the Syrian-Iraq border, killing one member of the militia. This is the first attack since that US attack. There was a fear of a retaliatory attack after the US attack.

It is noteworthy that Iraqi General Qasim Suleimani was killed in an attack by the US outside Baghdad Airport last year. On Wednesday, the same military base was targeted with missiles to avenge Sulemani’s death in January last year.

Ten rockets were fired targeting a military airport in Iraq
Ten rockets were fired targeting a military airport in Iraq

Danish soldiers were also at this base. Denmark condemned this, saying that coalition forces on Ain al-Assad came at the request of the Iraqi government to maintain stability in the country. Denmark’s Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod tweeted, “The blasphemous attacks on the Ain al Assad military base in Iraq are completely unacceptable.”

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