Fire in Houston

Tensions between the US and China continue to escalate amid deadlock over various issues. US President Donald Trump has been questioning China since the beginning about the global epidemic. At the same time, America is also challenging China’s domination in the South China Sea.

There is news of a fire at the Consulate General of China in the US city of Houston. According to police, there is a possibility of fire due to burning of papers kept in the embassy premises. The Houston Police Department said firefighters and police officers swung into action after receiving news of documents being burnt around 8 pm on Tuesday at the Consulate General’s premises.

The fire has come at a time when there are reports from Beijing that the US has asked China to close its consulate in Houston, Texas. In the video being shared by some people from around the consulate, flames can be seen emanating from several trash cans and coaches. People can also be seen throwing things in the burning garbage. Under international consent, the Consulate General at 3417, Montrose Boulevard, is considered a jurisdiction of China.

A Houston police source told local media that the Consulate General and a campus on Alameda Road are being evacuated by 4pm on Friday, where many consulate employees live.

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