The corona virus spreads rapidly with air

A big claim has been made about the corona epidemic that is threatening the whole world. A study report published in the world’s leading health journal Lancet states that the corona virus spreads rapidly with air. A review report of studies published so far on the Sorce Cove-2 virus has been prepared by scientists from Britain, the United States and Canada. Let us know what has been said in the report-

The lead author of this review report is Trish Greenhall of Oxford University. He claims that the time has come when the World Health Organization needs to change the definition of virus infection. Now masks, safe physical distances such as corona avoidance measures have become dwarfed.

Kagit coir event was conducted in a new review of corona studies. It involved an infected person. He proved to be a super spreader and infected 53 people. Many of these people had not even come in contact with each other. It is believed that they were infected with the corona virus circulating in the air.

According to the review report, corona infection spreads more rapidly in closed spaces than in open spaces. The spread of infection can be reduced by ventilating these locations.

The corona virus spreads rapidly with air
The corona virus spreads rapidly with air

40 percent of virus transmission was from people with no symptoms. The patients without these symptoms spread the epidemic all the way away. In the same way, there are less signs of the virus spreading faster due to heavy particles coming out of the infected person’s sneeze or breathing. They are prone to surface contamination.

In such a situation, it is more appropriate to wash the hands and clean the surface more than the mask and distance. Also, measures should be taken to eliminate the virus in the air.

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