The death toll from Corona in France has been steadily increasing

In Niyabhar, the second and third waves of corona have taken a dangerous form. The death toll from Corona in France has been steadily increasing. The number has crossed 1 lakh with the death of 300 people in the last 24 hours. France is the third country in Europe, where the death toll exceeds 100,000. Prior to this, more than one lakh people have died from Corona in Britain and Italy. President Emmanuel Macron tweeted condolences to the victim’s family, “We will not forget a face, a name.” Let us tell that America has the highest number of deaths from Corona in the whole world. After that is Brazil. Last year, the first wave of Corona killed 30,000 people in France from March to May. But since October, the chain of deaths is not taking a name.

Significantly, the third wave of Corona is going on in France. The whole of France is in the grip of the third wave. The French government has blamed Britain for the growing transition. It is being told that the corona epidemic has reached the peak again with the new strain found in Britain. The Macron government has canceled all flights coming from other countries, including Brazil, with immediate effect.
The second wave of corona virus is proving extremely deadly. For the first time on Thursday, it crossed two lakh infections in a day. This was 9 percent more than the day before. This round killed 1184 patients, the highest since September last year.

Meanwhile, the number of active patients in the country reached 1.5 million. The number of active patients has increased by two and a half times this month. It was 6 lakhs as on 31 March. More active cases mean that it will also increase the risk of infection and increase the number of deaths.

The death toll from Corona in France has been steadily increasingThe death toll from Corona in France has been steadily increasing
The death toll from Corona in France has been steadily increasing

On Thursday, 14 states of India and union territories reported the highest number of corona infections so far. Maharashtra had the highest number of 61,695 cases. A total of 2,16,902 cases were reported in the country. There are a total of 349 deaths in Maharashtra. After this, 135 people died in Chhattisgarh, 112 in Delhi and 104 in Uttar Pradesh. 81 died in Gujrata, 66 in Karnataka and 53 in Madhya Pradesh.

In Punjab, 51 patients died and the death rate here was the highest at 2.7 percent per 100 people. The national death rate is 1.22 percent. A record 22,439 cases were reported in Uttar Pradesh on Thursday. Apart from Maharashtra, UP is the second state where more than 20 thousand cases have been reported.

So far the situation has worsened in 16 states due to the frightening pace of Corona virus. At the same time, Corona killed more than a thousand people in the country for the third consecutive day. The second time in a day more than two lakh people were hit by the corona virus. On 30 January last year, the first infected patient was found in the country. Since then, this is the new record of getting the most cases in one day. In just nine days, the number of cases received per day increased from one to two lakh. At the same time, it took 21 days for the same number of cases to happen in America.

The death toll from Corona in France has been steadily increasing
The death toll from Corona in France has been steadily increasing

The rate of recovery is decreasing as the number of infected patients increases. 88.31 percent of the patients have become healthy in the country, while about 1.5 million active patients are undergoing treatment. The active rate of corona in the country has reached 10.46 percent, which has never been seen before. Apart from this, for the first time in the country, 1.06 lakh active cases have increased in a single day.

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