The death toll from the storm has now risen in Philippines

The death toll from the storm named Vamco has now risen to 67 in Philippines. The National Disaster Agency said that this severe storm has caused great devastation in the country. The death toll may increase further. According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council, 12 people are missing this year due to cyclonic storms.

In many parts of the country due to the Left Wing Storm, heavy rains continue with strong winds since Wednesday night. Landslides have occurred in many places and many areas have been submerged. Rescue work is going on in flood affected areas. Food and clean water are being provided to flood victims in the northern Philippines. On Sunday, several villages were inundated by floods in two provinces.

Alcala City disaster officer Jacinto Advanto told local radio, “The search for the missing people continues.” There are at least 12,000 centers sheltered in Alkala city. While some citizens have refused to leave the house during the flood, they have taken shelter on the roof of the house. On the other hand, President Rodrigo Dutarte has inspected the affected areas and asked the administration to be ready for help.

The death toll from the storm has now risen
The death toll from the storm has now risen

The Meteorological Department has already warned that there is a possibility of a landslide in the island of Polilio due to Wakamo storm. There has also been a warning of major damage to paddy cultivation in the northern provinces of the country. Mayor Christina Bosk said people living in coastal areas have been ordered to leave the homes. He said this storm is a major challenge for centers prepared for the Corona epidemic.

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