The demand for the removal of President Donald Trump

The demand for the removal of President Donald Trump before his term has intensified following the attack on the Parliament House in the US. There is a provision for the removal of the President under Article 25 of the US Constitution, but for this the initiative will have to be taken by his cabinet. Also, that proposal would have to be approved by both the Senate and the House of Representatives. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of the Democratic Party has asked Vice President Mike Pence and Trump’s cabinet to immediately begin the process of removing Trump under Article 25.

Pelosi has threatened that if this is not done, she will initiate the process of removing Trump from this method by bringing a motion of impeachment in the House. Democratic House member Ilhan Omar has announced a proposal to cancel the membership of members of the House who objected to the election of Joe Biden as President. Omar says that by doing so these members also participated in the attack on Capitol Hill (Parliament House).

But many analysts believe that these efforts will intensify the division in American society. Some members of the Trump cabinet have resigned following Wednesday’s incident. Many MPs have separated themselves from him. But Trump’s tremendous popularity among Republican Party members and supporters remains. According to a recent survey released on Thursday, 80 percent of Republicans are against the removal of Trump from his post. Given this, the Republican Party will join the effort to remove him completely from the trump and it is unlikely to be considered.

The demand for the removal of President Donald Trump
The demand for the removal of President Donald Trump

Based on the results of this survey conducted by the Ipsos agency for the website, analysts have said that the Republican Party has actually become the party of Trump. Therefore, the leaders who are separating themselves from them, it is possible that their political future is in danger. The survey was conducted immediately after Wednesday’s incident.

The survey revealed that the consensus among Republican party supporters is against the attack on Capitol Hill. After this incident, his enthusiasm for supporting Trump’s stand not to accept defeat has also decreased. Perhaps this is the reason why Trump announced the orderly handing over of power to Joe Biden on 20 January following this incident. Yet it does not appear that Republican supporters are deeply troubled by Wednesday’s incident.

Analyzing the survey results, Chris Jackson, vice president of survey agency Ispos Public Affairs, said that although only six percent of Republican supporters supported the attempt to occupy the House of Parliament, there remains general consensus among them that the White House for the next four years I must remain in the trump. He is of the opinion that the leader of the Democratic Party who does not legitimately win the Biden election, therefore it would be unfair to be his President.

The survey also revealed that although only six per cent of Republican supporters agreed with Wednesday’s event, sixty per cent among them said that if elected leaders do not protect the country, the common people need to come forward. This is being seen as an indirect support of the Republican majority to the rowdy mob in Washington on Wednesday.

This is an example of the deep differences in the country that while only 22 percent of Republican supporters in this survey considered Wednesday’s attempt to overthrow, 74 percent of Democratic Party supporters saw the incident as such. Among Democrat supporters, 86 percent said Trump should be immediately removed from the presidency.

Experts say that there is no concern within the US, especially among Trump supporters, that the image of this superpower is continuously deteriorating in the world. The incident of Wednesday and the widening gap in American society led to his rival countries’ sarcasm.

Last July, a survey of Pew Research revealed that only 34 percent of people in US-friendly countries have a good opinion of America. Now it is expected that the number of people having good opinion about America will decrease further. But analysts say it does not appear that Trump supporters and a large number of other Americans are concerned about this. This is a worrying aspect for the country.

China has reminisced the protestors’ attempt to enter the City Council in Hong Kong last year, saying that now the US media is calling the same incident at its home as terrorism. Venezuela has said that the United States has been supporting groups doing such activities in their rival countries. Now he has to taste his own medicine.

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