The effect of corona virus has also been seen on the brain

The effect of corona virus has also been seen on the brain. Doctors believe that in the coming time it may have a wider impact on the brain. Experts even believe that it is possible that the age of the brain can be reduced by 5 years due to infection, due to which many problems can also be seen.

Dr. Deepak Kumar Singh, head of the department of neuro-surgery at RML Hospital, Lucknow, says that even after decreasing the age of the brain, it is possible that in the coming times, the infected may see problems like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia, he explains. There have been cases of stroke. Some patients went to the hospital with a stroke and the examination confirmed the infection. These strokes came from brain damage caused by infection.

The virus damages the indolithium of the brain’s blood vessels. Indolithium does not allow blood to freeze in the veins. When it is damaged, blood clots form in the veins leading to stroke. If a necessary injection is not done within 4 hours, then it is not right to say anything in the interest of the patient.

The effect of corona virus has also been seen on the brain
The effect of corona virus has also been seen on the brain

Dr. Deepak explains that the brain (brain) is the most sensitive part of the body. In this, the condition affects the entire body due to any discomfort or infection. Brain cells help in the process of other organs of the body. If there is any imbalance in these cells then the problem is bound to increase. Such cases have been seen in corona virus infection, so caution is important.

Dr. Deepak tells that if there is any symptom of corona virus corona then do not take any kind of negligence in the examination and treatment. Seeing the increase in stroke related cases in the hospital, the doctors are giving blood thinning medicines to the patients according to the situation. The aim is to prevent virus damage in patients’ brain. Delays in screening and treatment after infection can cost you dearly.

According to a study by the University of Cambridge’s Stroke Research Group, corona patients with high blood pressure and diabetes have a higher risk of stroke than corona. High blood pressure and diabetes patients have poor immunity.

Experts say that patients who have severe levels of infection have a higher scope for stroke. It is a matter of concern that the stroke of the corona can range from a five-year-old child to the elderly, and such cases have been reported. The rate of deaths from stroke can also increase.