The European Union has released the draft of two laws to curb Google and Facebook

The European Union (EU) has released the draft of the much-awaited two laws to curb large digital companies. This is a clear indication that the problems of companies like Google and Facebook are increasing not only in America but also in Europe. The European Union has stated the purpose of its proposed laws to be “to establish a system of chaos.”

These laws will apply in the name of Digital Markets Act (DMA) and Digital Services Act (DSA). It is believed that this will control the domination of multinational digital companies. Now these companies need to be more transparent about how they decide the order of content, what is their policy of advertising, and on what basis do they remove content.

The purpose of these laws is also to force multinational digital companies to implement similar rules across the entire EU region. The EU has said that with these laws it is going to lead the world in terms of digital regulation. These drafts have been prepared by a special agency called Europe Fit for Digital Age.

The European Union has released  the draft of two laws to curb  Google and Facebook
The European Union has released the draft of two laws to curb Google and Facebook

The agency’s executive vice president Margaret Westeger said that the purpose of the drafts is to ensure that users can have multiple options for safe products and services online. He said that efforts are being made to ensure that we can shop safely and that the news we read are reliable. It is important to do this because the activities that are offline are also a crime.

Through the Digital Marketing Act, big companies will be forced to allow alternative companies to emerge in the market. That is, by using your dominance in the market, do not get stuck in the way of new companies. To ensure this, many types of activities will be banned.

Under this law, not allowing the facility to uninstall pre-loaded software or apps will be treated as inappropriate behavior. Big companies will also have to ensure that the users can easily download the software of a third company and these software function properly on the platforms of the big companies.

Now, the companies whose data is hosted by big companies, they will not be able to use that data against the same traders. Also, they should put their services above the services of their competing companies, doing so will also be illegal. Violations of these rules will result in companies being fined up to 10% of their turnover.

It will be the responsibility of digital companies to remove illegal content under the Digital Services Act. Such content includes hate speech and counterfeit goods for sale. The new law also asks companies to be transparent about online advertising and algorithms. The purpose of the law is to ban online sale of illegal goods and services.

Under the new law, for the first time it is being defined who will be considered as gatekeeper. It has been said that platforms that have 40 million (ie ten percent of the EU population) users will be placed in this category. The offending company can be fined up to six per cent of its global turnover.

Digital media companies have been at the center of criticism for a long time. In front of their unlimited power, governments were finding themselves helpless. But now it seems that an attempt has been made to rein in them. Social organizations are also expressing satisfaction over this. The European Digital Rights Network, an NGO working to protect online freedom, has described the latest laws as a step in the right direction. It has said that this will help to curb digital companies that have become highly powerful economically, socially and politically. The need for such efforts is being felt worldwide. It is believed that this EU initiative will set an example for governments in other continents.

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