The eyes of all the countries of Europe stricken by the second wave of the Corona

The eyes of all the countries of Europe stricken by the second wave of the Corona epidemic are now focused on the European Union (EU) meeting on Thursday. This meeting, which is to be held through video conferencing of the EU government heads, has been called for the purpose of approving a package designed for relief from the epidemic. Earlier on Monday, due to the veto of Hungary and Poland, the package of the EU ambassadors could not be sealed.

Human rights organizations have said that the European Union has been ignoring violations of the rule of law in Hungary and Poland. Now he has to pay for it. He says that due to the careless attitude of the EU, the path of dictatorship opened in these two countries. Now Hungary and Poland together have vetoed a package of 1.82 trillion euro ready for relief from the Corona epidemic. Many European diplomats, in conversation with the media, blamed the impasse, especially Hungarian confederate Viktor Orbán.

Hungary and Poland object to the condition of the package that countries that will find evidence of violations of the rule of law will be able to withhold EU funds under this package. The majority of the ambassadors’ meeting approved the package with the condition. At that time Poland and Hungary opposed it. He exercised his veto right after the package was approved. Both countries also indicated that they were withdrawing their support from the EU’s seven-year passed budget. This budget is 1.074 trillion euros. The duration of this budget will start from January 1.

The eyes of all the countries of Europe stricken by the second wave of the Corona
The eyes of all the countries of Europe stricken by the second wave of the Corona

EU officials have said that Hungary and Poland are to receive millions of euros in aid under the budget-and-recovery package. In this way, they have also done harm to their citizens by stopping it. Poland and Hungary continue to receive major support from the EU. These two countries have also been badly affected by the second wave of Corona infection. According to diplomats, Victor Orbán was also sent a personal message by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, EU Council President Charles Michel, and senior officials of some other countries. But they were adamant on their stand.

The European branch of the Human Rights Watch blamed the EU itself for the deadlock. The media head of Human Rights Watch said in a Twitter thread that the EU tolerated it when steps were being taken in Hungary towards dictatorship. Whereas in the years, Prime Minister Orban and the ruling party led by him have destroyed the independent judiciary and independent press.

The organization alleges that the EU, which considers itself a democratic institution with its own perspective, allowed dictatorship to take the position from where it could veto the EU budget. Human Rights Watch alleges that the present government of Poland is considering Hungary as its model. She is also wreaking havoc on the independent judiciary, independent press and human rights in her country.

According to the website, many diplomats also believe that the EU is responsible for the current deadlock. According to him, the EU summit was held last July, when the issue of rule of law in the budget-and-recovery package was left incomplete. Then the leaders simply said that the relationship between the budget and the rule of law will be maintained. But he did not explain it clearly. Although a solution is likely to come out in Thursday’s meeting, diplomats fear that if the deadlock persists, European countries will be in a lot of trouble. Then they will lack the necessary funds for necessary expenses.