in the last 24 hours, 57,982 new cases of virus have been reported
The first case in the country of corona virus infection from mother to child through umbilical cord is reported in Sassoon Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra. Doctors have termed it as ‘vertical transfer’ (vertical transmission).

Vertical transfer occurs when the infected mother has a baby in the uterus and the virus reaches the baby through the umbilical cord. Dr. Aarti Keenikar, Head of Department of Pediatrics, Sassoon Hospital, said on Tuesday that when a person is suffering from infection, he comes in contact with something which can lead to infection.

He said that if the mother is infected, the child can become infected after breastfeeding or after coming in contact due to any other reason. Keenikar said that if it is understood in a simple way, the child does not have an infection at birth, but it can happen after three to four days. He said, “But vertical transfer means that when the baby is in the uterus and the mother is infected (it may have symptoms, it may not be), the infection can enter the baby through the umbilical cord.”
Dr. Keenikar stated that in this case the mother had symptoms of Covid-19 before delivery. “The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has made it mandatory for all pregnant women to be screened, so the woman was screened but corona virus was not confirmed,” he said.

Dr. Keenikar said, “After the birth of the baby, a sample of mucus taken from her nose and the umbilical cord was examined and the infection was confirmed.” He said, ‘The newborn is kept in a separate ward. Two to three days after birth, the baby also started showing fever-like symptoms. Dr. Keenikar said that the girl was put into intensive care and she recovered after two weeks. The mother and baby have been discharged from the hospital.

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