The first death from Corona virus occurred eight months later in China

The first death from Corona virus occurred eight months later on Thursday in China this week. This news has caused a stir in the whole country. Reports in the Chinese media itself have identified the death as an indication that China’s strategy to deal with the Corona epidemic has flaws. Many shortcomings have come to light especially in rural areas, where there is a large number of elderly people who are already suffering from any disease.

Special concern is also being expressed that the Spring Festival is coming soon in the country. During this time a large number of people in China go to their village for holiday. Now the authorities have issued an appeal asking people to celebrate the spring festival at the place where they live. Apart from this, there is a need to pay special attention to the laborers working from villages to the city, whose living environment is not suitable for health.

Wu Hao, a disease prevention expert at China’s National Health Commission, told The Communist Party of China newspaper The Global Times – At first we thought that the countryside is very vast and the population lives far away. But this virus is very clever, as is shown by its spread in Hubei province. Fresh deaths have occurred in this province. The deceased was a resident of the countryside. Wu said that until now the strategy of prevention of corona virus in rural areas was to prevent infected people from coming here from outside. For this, roads were jammed and outsiders were banned. But now it seems that infection of this virus is more complicated. It also spreads differently than what was previously understood.

Chinese health experts have said that local cases have been sporadic this winter. The biggest impact of this has been seen in the elderly people, who have more population in rural areas. Community transmission has occurred in some places. Somewhere it has transitioned from one generation person to another generation person. This has made the challenges of prevention more serious and complex. According to reports from Chinese media, most of the infections in the villages have occurred between middle age or aged people. The average age of people infected with corona in Hubei province is 50 years. 30 per cent of the cases have been reported among people above 60 years of age.

The first death from Corona virus occurred eight months later in China
The first death from Corona virus occurred eight months later in China

According to a report by The Global Times, many people in rural areas are refraining from getting the Kovid-19 test because they do not want to be quarantined. This newspaper has quoted a doctor from Shijiazhuang city in Hubei province, according to which many patients came to him for treatment to avoid this test. The doctor admitted that many doctors like him do not give information about patients with mild symptoms to the city’s Centers for Disease Control.

Research fellow at the Institute of Party History and Literature, Li Yuwesun, told a newspaper that the villagers’ view is that the corona virus lives in cities, while they live far away from it. So most of them do not wear masks. Prevention measures are now being promoted through loudspeakers in villages. Also, big banners are being put up for this. Vehicles and passengers on the roads entering the villages are being strictly investigated. People gatherings have been banned during Vasanta celebrations in many cities of China. Authorities in villages are advising people to postpone celebrations like weddings and conduct funerals in a normal manner.

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