The government has issued the SOP of vaccination

The government has started preparing for large-scale corona vaccination in the country. Work has started on a detailed plan for this. Vaccine doses are given to hundreds of people a day during a commonly occurring vaccination, but will not be done during a corona vaccination. The government has issued the SOP of vaccination.

According to the information received, only 100 people will be given vaccine doses in each day at each vaccination center. In view of the vaccination campaign, the government will also make arrangements for community buildings and tents. Vaccination centers will require more space.
Arrangements will be made to get the patient admitted to the Dedicated Corona Hospital in case of side effects after vaccination. These details have been shared by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare with the states as a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) draft. According to the SOP, a vaccination center will deploy five personnel, including a security guard. In addition, there will be three rooms for waiting room, vaccination and surveillance.

Every person who is vaccinated will inevitably have to be kept under observation for 30 minutes, fearing any adverse effect. If there is a serious effect of vaccination on the patient, he will be admitted to the corona hospital. The state will choose the hospital.

The government has issued the SOP of vaccination
The government has issued the SOP of vaccination

Dr Rajni N, one of the immunization officers who participated in the two-day workshop organized by the ministry, said the decision of three rooms for vaccination has been taken keeping in mind the social distance. At the same time, only one person will enter the vaccination room at a time. Apart from this, there will be seating for many people in the waiting and monitoring room.

Dr. Rajani said that there are some limitations due to social distance, so it has been decided that only 13-14 people will be vaccinated every hour. He said, it has been decided that not more than 100 people will be vaccinated every day.

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