Sharda Peeth pilgrimage site

The Sharda Peeth is a 5,000-year-old temple, which was established during the reign of Emperor Ashoka. This temple is one of the three famous holy sites of Kashmiri Pandits. However, this temple is currently in PoK and Indians are not allowed here. That is why Kashmiri Pandits and Hindus of the country have been demanding a corridor to reach here for a long time. Last year, the Government of Pakistan had also approved construction of a corridor on 25 March, but in Pakistan, however, the Foreign Department rejected it citing the atmosphere.

It also included soil from Pakistan-occupied PoK. PoK status The soil of the holy pilgrimage site of Saradha Peetha was also poured into the foundation of the temple. However it was not so easy to bring the soil of PoK and one person took a big risk for it. No Indian is allowed in PoK, so Venkatesh Raman from Karnataka, living in China, was sent to PoK along with his wife. The couple was sent to Muzaffarabad, the capital of PoK via Hong Kong with a passport from China. From here, the husband and wife reached the Sharda Peeth pilgrimage site and then took soil from there and came to Delhi via Hong Kong. Here he handed over the soil to a person named Anjana Sharma associated with Sharada Peeth. Sharma then reached Ayodhya with soil and gave it to be included in the foundation stone.

The foundation stone of the Ram temple was laid on Wednesday after a long wait in Ayodhya. Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the program as the chief guest during this period and performed the work of Bhoomi Poojan with complete legislation. Many eminent people from all over the country participated in the Bhoomi Poojan and witnessed the moment. Apart from this, the soil laid from different parts of the country and water from rivers were also put in the foundation laid for the Ram temple.

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