The impeachment against the former President and Republican leader Donald Trump

The impeachment brought against the former President and Republican leader Donald Trump in the US Upper House Senate for the second time within a year could not be passed again. The impeachment was held to be guilty of inciting capital violence, which required two-thirds or 67 votes to pass. But out of 100 senate votes of 50-50 members of both parties, only 57 votes could be raised by Democrats. 43 votes were cast in favor of Trump by Republicans, but seven voted against Trump.

Five people died in the violence on January 6 in Capitol Hill. For this, the impeachment motion was brought as Trump’s speech was attributed. It was referred to the Senate after it was passed in the lower house of the House of Representatives. Trump is the first president in the history of the United States to be impeached two times. He is the first president to face impeachment after leaving office. He was impeached earlier in February 2020, accusing him of initiating an investigation in a case against his electoral rival Joe Biden through the President of Ukraine. Even then the resolution could not be passed in the Upper House itself.

The impeachment against the former President and Republican leader Donald Trump
The impeachment against the former President and Republican leader Donald Trump

Republican lawmakers Bill Classidi, Richard Barr, Mitt Romney, Susan Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Ben Sass, Pete Toomey voted in support of impeachment. Significantly, Republican MP Mitch Maconel voted in support of Trump. They have so far held Trump responsible for the Capitol violence.

Behind Trump’s support, he argued that Trump is no longer the president, impeaching him is against the constitution. He also warned Trump that he was still accountable in court for the violence.

Had impeachment passed, Trump would not have been able to contest 2024 or any future presidential election, he would have been declared commissioner. When the proposal fell, the 74-year-old Trump said, “No president has had to suffer what I am going through.”

It is a sad time when a political party in the US has been allowed to tarnish the rule of law, discredit compliance agencies, incite mobocracy, shun rioters and turn justice into a tool for political revenge. They punish what they do not agree with, blacklist, suppress their views. ‘ Trump called the impeachment the biggest campaign in history waged against a person and said that he has always been a supporter of the rule of law and a peaceful and dignified debate. With all

Told that they will continue their journey, but the historical and patriotic movement ‘Make America Great Again’ has started now. In time to come, they will share many things with the citizens and take the campaign forward unprecedentedly. America’s future is bright and boundless.

It is expected from his statement that he will work further only by staying in the Republican Party. Some time ago it was believed that they could form a new party.

President Biden, who defeated Trump in the November 3 presidential election, said the impeachment in the Senate shows how fragile democracy is. It is the duty of every American to protect democracy and truth, always be vigilant for these. He reiterated his promise to end violence and radicalism in America.

In his criticism of Trump, he said that even though impeachment was not passed, the allegations brought out in the motion were factual. Those who voted against it also believed that Trump was the morally and practically responsible for the capital violence. In another message, Biden recalled the violence on January 6, saying that he was thinking about those who stood bravely and lost their lives that day. Many people are still scared of that incident.

Even though seven MPs voted against the impeachment vote, Trump’s control of the Republican Party remains visible. Most of the MPs are running according to their wishes. The special thing is that despite the defeat in elections and the reduced number of members in Parliament, his popularity remains.

Democrat leader Chuck Schumer told 43 Republican Republican lawmakers who voted against impeachment that the day would be remembered as a stigma in Senate history. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that these MPs have neglected the Constitution, the country and the citizens. He described it as a cowardly step.