The number of corona infects in the world crossed 4.79 crore

On Wednesday, the number of corona infects in the world crossed 4.79 crore, while the number of dead exceeded 12.22 lakh. 3.44 crore people have been cured of infection. There are 1.23 crore active cases in the world, of which 88,339 patients are in critical condition.

Meanwhile, new cases of infection in Russia are increasing rapidly. In the last 24 hours on Wednesday, there were 19,786 new cases, which is the highest in a day. During this period 389 people also died. Earlier on Tuesday, 18,648 new cases were reported in the country.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Sizarto Corona, who arrived on an official visit to Thailand, has been found infected. Thailand’s Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said that Peter and members of the 12-member delegation were corona examined when they reached the capital Bangkok.

The number of corona infects in the world crossed 4.79 crore
The number of corona infects in the world crossed 4.79 crore

Only Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Positive was found in the investigation report, the rest of the others have come out negative. Peter is hospitalized. He will be flown back to Hungary by special plane.

Manila Corona has 789 new patients, the lowest in the last 16 weeks. With this the number of infected increased to 3,88,137. Here 7367 people have died of corona.

In European country Germany, cases of infection are increasing. On Wednesday, 17,214 people were found infected in the last 24 hours.

There were 9524 new case reports of Corona in Ukraine. According to the Health Department, 8899 cases were reported here a day earlier on Tuesday. The number of infections in the country has increased to 4,20,617.

Bulgaria reported 4041 infections, the highest ever in a single day. In this country with a population of 70 lakhs, 60,537 cases of corona have been reported. While 1412 people have died from Corona.

The Czech Republic found 12,088 new patients from Corona. In the last 24 hours, 259 people died of corona. In this European country with a population of 17 million, 3,62,985 people have been infected. At the same time, 3913 patients have lost their lives.

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