The number of homeless people in Britain has reached a record level

How much the UK’s financial condition has deteriorated has been gauged from two recent reports. The first news is that the UN agency UNICEF has decided to provide food to children suffering from starvation due to the corona epidemic in Britain. Secondly, the number of homeless people in Britain has reached a record level of 15 years. Media reports here say that this number can go to the extent it has never been.

UNICEF is known worldwide for providing humanitarian aid to children. It has said in a public statement that the children’s crisis due to the corona epidemic has reached an extent never seen after the second world war.

In May, a survey by the U-Gov Agency in Britain revealed that 2.4 million children in the country are living amid food insecurity. Between May and October, this number increased to nine million. This means that the number of children suffering from food insecurity has increased to 33 lakh. This is equivalent to one-sixth of the total number of children in the country.

The number of homeless people in Britain has reached a record level
The number of homeless people in Britain has reached a record level

UNICEF has said that it will provide assistance of 25,000 pounds for the Community Scheme of School Food Matters to provide food to school children. With this amount, children will be fed during the holidays after Christmas and then in February.

Stephanie Slater, founder of School Food Matters, has thanked UNICEF for this decision. He told the newspaper The Guardian that during the Breakfast Box distribution program last summer, it was revealed that many families in the country were really in a lot of trouble. They depend on community support to feed their children.

Leader of the opposition Labor Party Angela Rayner said – UNICEF has to come forward to feed the children of our country, this is a humiliating situation for us. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Finance Minister Rishi Sunak should be ashamed of this. He said that Britain is among the wealthiest countries in the world, but now its children have to depend on the agency which previously looked after children in war and natural disaster prone areas.

It has only been said on behalf of the Boris Johnson government that the government is determined to help the poor families due to the epidemic. For this, it has announced welfare schemes.

Meanwhile, based on government data, The Independent newspaper has published the news that the number of homeless people in the country has reached alarming levels. According to these figures, 89,850 children have no home address. They will have to spend Christmas in temporary residences. In the City of London, 2,500 people have a place in shelters made up of the Representatives’ Fund. Yet seven hundred people are forced to spend the night on the side of the roads.

The Corona epidemic has made it more difficult to provide a roof to homeless people. Many shelter homes do not have enough space to follow social distancing. In view of this situation, the people’s representatives of the city have asked the British Government to revisit the target set for its plan to reduce the number of homeless people.

The British government has announced a plan to provide homes to all homeless people by 2024. But public representatives of London say that it will be difficult to achieve this goal due to the expenditure that is being incurred right now. Whereas the need is that this deadline be done earlier, so that this problem can be controlled during the epidemic.