The state of Georgia two members of the Senate in the United States will decide which party will have a majority

The state of Georgia in the United States will vote on January 5 to elect two members of the Senate, the upper house of the US Parliament of Congress. This election is very important. The results have attracted worldwide attention. The reason for this is that the results of these two seats will decide which party will have a majority in the Senate for the next two years.

A majority in the Senate is extremely important in the American system of governance. No president can implement his agenda without a majority in the Senate. Whenever a situation occurs, when the presidential party does not have a majority in the Senate, in American politics it is called Lem Duck President. That is, his condition becomes like a lame duck.

That is why millions of dollars are being spent by both the Republican and Democratic parties in Georgia’s Senate election. At the same time, parties have dumped their top leaders in the election campaign. The US Senate has 100 seats. Currently, the Republican Party has 49 seats and the Democratic Party has 47 seats. Apart from these, there are two independent members. Socialist leaders Bernie Sanders, who won from Vermont State and Angas King, who won from Mine State, are independents, but remain with the Democratic Party. Therefore, it is believed that both parties have 49–49 members. In such a situation, the party that will win both the seats of Georgia will get majority. If the Democratic Party failed to get a majority, the success of Joe Biden as president would be questionable.

The Democratic Party has a majority in the House of Representatives, the lower house of Congress. But every bill passed by the House has to pass through the Senate. The leader of the majority party in the Senate has considerable legislative authority. Mitch Maconnell, currently the Republican Party leader, is the leader of the Senate, the leader of the conservative trend. He has so far given no indication of cooperation with the future Democratic president. If the Democrats win in Georgia, then the new Senate leader will become the party. In that case it will become easier for Joe Biden to implement his agenda.

The candidate for one seat in Georgia is incumbent Republican Senator David Pardeau. He has been a senator since 2015. He is pitted against John Ausoff of the Democratic Party. Ausof is just 33 years old. This seat has become a battle of special prestige. Ausoff is considered an emerging leader. But whether they will break the Republican stronghold remains a question. In the second seat, Kelly Loeffler of the Republican Party faces Rafael Warnock of the Democratic Party. Not once in the last 20 years has the Democratic Party won the Senate election from the state of Georgia. But Joe Biden of the Democratic Party won from this state in the recent presidential election. Therefore, the Democratic Party holds high hopes from here.

But Republican candidates in both seats in Opinion Polls are further mentioned. In both seats, Republican candidates are leading by a margin of half to one percent of the vote, according to Poles’ average. On January 5, there will be a run-off vote for the Senate from Georgia. According to Georgia law, if a candidate does not get more than 50 percent of the vote in the election, then the run-off between the top two candidates is at the top. In the elections held in November, no candidate could get more than 50 percent of the votes in both the seats.

It is more likely that the result of the voting on January 5 will be known on the same night. But if legal complications arise, like the recent presidential election, one may have to wait several days to know the outcome.

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