US team led a visit to Taiwan

The top US team led a visit to Taiwan on Sunday under the leadership of US Health and Human Services (HHS) Minister Alex Azar. This is the first visit by a US cabinet minister since the formal bilateral relations between the US and Taiwan ended in 1979.

China has already expressed its opposition to Azar’s visit. At the same time, China described the visit as a “betrayal” of the US’s commitment to not have any official relationship with Taiwan.
China has been asserting its claim on Taiwan. During his three-day visit, Azar will call on the island’s President Sai Ing-wen and health officials to establish coordination to deal with the corona virus.
Despite being extremely close to China, the epicenter of the virus, there were less than 500 cases of corona virus infection in the island and seven people died from this deadly virus.

In such a situation, it is credited to the health system of the Taiwan government. Azar’s office said he would discuss Covid-19, Taiwan’s role in the supply and technology of global health and medical equipment.

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